Viral Jelly Skin Trend is all you need for a glowing summer look; details inside

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Gelatin-based cosmetics It blends easily and is simple to apply because it achieves the ideal mix between liquid and solid.

JE Lifestyle Desk – Due to its simple and fast application method, Jelly Skin is a new beauty trend that has gained popularity on social media. The combination of easy maintenance and great effect makes it the ideal choice for a dyed summer look. Here’s how to get jelly skin, the ideal solution for minimal maintenance and maximum effect.

Both in drugstores and exclusive brands, gelatin-based cosmetics are currently a trend in the Asian beauty industry. It mixes easily and is simple to apply because it achieves the ideal mix between liquid and solid. It also retains pigment effectively. To apply makeup evenly and blend it, use your fingers.

What is the trend about?

One of the things that changes so regularly are harmful trends. Every day brings something new to the beauty routine, along with a few twists and turns. So this summer, she experiments with jelly makeup. Jelly makeup is the new hot cosmetic trick that will make your makeup regimen easier. There must be some people who believe that this trend is related to slugging simply because of the term, but that is not the case; this is something else entirely. This C-beauty trend is all about a fresh take on makeup that will instantly give you a plump glow in less than a minute because it only concentrates on the blush you’ve applied to your face.

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Take one of your favorite blushes, the one you prefer the most, from the jelly makeup trend, and then step up your application technique. Simply take your brush and apply the blush to your face in a gentle circular motion, starting at the front and moving towards the middle. No, doing this is not challenging at all. The spherical shape that you will achieve with this new makeup look will be just above the apples of your cheeks. Not only that, but it will also give your skin a natural rosy hue, ideal for the summer look, and add a touch of femininity to your look. This incredible tip will make your daily makeup look more flawless.

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