Viral Varanasi Hajmola Chai baffles people with its mix of flavors

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The historic Indian city of Varanasi has created a one-of-a-kind drink that has recently taken the internet by storm. This unique drink incorporates two highly prized ingredients: classic Indian chai and Hajmola sour digestive aid. The combination of these two seemingly incompatible flavors has puzzled internet users and sparked discussion and debate on various social media platforms.

Widespread dismay and interest has been expressed on social media over the inclusion of Hajmola in chai. Many internet users ponder the pros and cons of mixing a sour and salty digestive aid with a classic comfort drink like chai.

There have been a variety of reactions because the two substances have very different flavors and textures. Some people on the internet are excited to try this new flavor, while others are skeptical, fearing it might not work.

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It’s the unconventional Hajmola Chai that’s taking the internet by storm

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The most recent videos, by food blogger Yash Shivhare, showed a street vendor selling Assi Ghat’s famous Banarasi Hajmola Chai. The vendor prepares hot water with sugar, mint leaves, tea, lemon juice, and Hajmola caramel that has been crushed into small pieces.

The video begins with a man washing glasses with hot water. Two teaspoons of sugar are then added to each glass. After that, he adds some mint leaves and Hajmola pills. The merchant fills the glasses with liquor, then adds hot water and a squeeze of lemon. However, he still needs to be more ready. He then adds more Hajmola to the drink by crushing another packet. The video already has more than 2 million views on the service.

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Viral Varanasi Hajmola Chai baffles netizens with its mix of flavorsInstagram/shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra

The introduction of Hajmola chai in Varanasi has caused widespread puzzlement and curiosity. There seems to be some disagreement among internet users about the merits of mixing traditional Indian chai with the sour digestive medicine Hajmola.

Some people are excited to try this new drink and discover its flavors, while others have doubts. Regardless, the mystery surrounding this offbeat beverage has once again brought attention to the dynamic nature of culinary exploration and the wide range of preferences in the food and beverage industry.

Let’s see how the internet reacted to this viral video

So far, it has garnered more than 3.1 million views, 10.2 thousand likes, and many comments.

Viral Varanasi Hajmola Chai baffles netizens with its mix of flavorsInstagram/shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra

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