Viral Video Of Baba Jackson Dancing With Mumbai Police Officer Amol Kamble Sets The Internet On Fire

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Well, remember the dancing cop Amol Kamble, famous for his dance moves in Mumbai? One of his videos of him dancing to Kaifi Khalil’s “Kahani Suno 2.0” outside the Taj Mahal went viral a few days ago. That’s when Kamble became an instant internet sensation. During his spare time, he often posts dance videos on social media.

He’s becoming a sensation again with his latest video, but this time, he shares the magic with another dancer named ‘Baba Jackson’. These two came up with the video, in which she is seen dancing to a Michael Jackson song.

The duo’s energetic dance wowed people online. It should also be emphasized that Amol Kamble was not in uniform when he filmed the reel.

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Viral video has set the internet on fire: Baba Jackson dancing with Mumbai policeman

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The video was shared on Instagram by Baba Jackson with the caption “@amolkamble2799 🥶🔥🔥 Tolerated / 📷 – @viragdubal ❤️”

Baba Jackson and Amol Kamble have lit up the dance floor with their synchronized routine, impeccable execution and contagious emotion. His dance can even make you tap your feet.

Her precise dance steps and similarity to the renowned pop diva garnered much attention, and the video soon racked up millions of views and shares.

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Dancing Cop, Baba Jackson, channels Michael Jackson in jaw-dropping performanceInstagram/babajackson2019

Let’s see how the internet reacted to this now viral video

The video has just been shared on social media, and people can’t help but enjoy it. The clip has garnered more than 2 million views, 285,000 likes, and many comments, making people’s jaws drop. Everyone was impressed by the impeccable dances of the duo to the rhythm of Michael Jackson’s songs. Many people asked for more videos like this.

One user said: “That’s why I pay online.” Another user commented: Wow, what a fantastic idea… Man, your mind is blown. Another person said: “Uncle did it.” There were also some additional comments, such as “I love it guys!” “The guy has good moves” “For a second, I wondered why the guy was on the wrong platform, but I was wrong.” “He’s fucking lit.” “Today’s taste is not for you, but for Amol Kambal, sir.” “Brother…” I never expected such a big explosion in the other package, like I said. Congratulations to you”

Dancing Cop, Baba Jackson, channels Michael Jackson in jaw-dropping performanceInstagram/babajackson2019

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