Viral video of Benedict Anto Kanyakumari leaked: scandal and controversy of the pastor of the church

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Benedict Anto Kanyakumari

Video is the best way to bring important issues to the fore. But sometimes it creates a lot of controversy and leads a person into big trouble. Most of the scandal appears due to viral videos posted by someone on a particular platform and it went viral on other platforms as well. One such leaked video of a church pastor is creating a lot of rumors and social media users are talking about the controversy created by him. There are many people who want to know what he had done, which made him the subject of criticism. Apart from that, there have been several calls for the pastor to be punished as the repercussions of the leaked video of Benedict Anto Kanyakumari.

Viral video of Benedicto Anto Kanyakumari

This is not the first time that church pastors have been involved in many scandals and problems in recent years. Now the name of Benedicto Anto is mentioned in this list. This pastor is in Kanyakumari, India whose private video recently went viral in which he is seen with a college girl. His video has not taken long to generate much controversy on social networks. The video, which is circulating on many online platforms, has garnered a lot of attention, with several people expressing their views. While controversies and scandals involving church pastors are sad, they also allow churches to reflect on their values ​​and take action and steps to make sure such events don’t happen again.

Someone secretly recorded this video in which the pastor can be seen in intimate acts with the university student. The girl’s identity has yet to be revealed, but reports suggest that she is also a member of the church, while Benedict Anto works as a pastor. According to other reports, the priest had been tricking the young women into falling for him by having a conversation with them through social media apps. Now speaking of the viral video, the girl’s face is blurred and they both looked in inappropriate positions.

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Benedicto Anto Kanyakumari

The viral video appears to have been recorded in the hotel room and it is not known at this time who posted it online. Although the video has now circulated on the web and people are looking for it. There are many people who have been condemning the pastor’s actions while others have tried to defend him by claiming that the video could be fake or the way to smear the pastor. People are losing their faith in the church due to such scandals, but that doesn’t mean that all pastors or church members are the same, some are actually religious.

Benedicto Anto Kanyakumari

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