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This video of a chocolate samosa went viral and caused a lot of buzz on the internet.

Nobody wants to say no when it comes to food, right? But what if you mention something like a chocolate samosa? Do you want to continue eating it? Many people would actually believe that they shouldn’t even consider saying yes or no. These days, social media platforms are full of viral videos and lately, a viral video of a chocolate samosa went viral and generated a lot of conversation on the internet. The.fooodie.panda, a verified user, posted this trending video to social media from this location in Surat. With numerous other dining alternatives, the store goes by the name of “Bole to Vadapav”.

Watch the video here:

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In the video, a pav is used as the base for an unusual dish. Instead of the usual potato filling, chocolate chunks are used to fill the samosa and chocolate sauce is used to coat the pav. These samosas are then fried and added to pav that has been covered in chocolate, with more chocolate sauce drizzled on top. No doubt no one on this planet will be prepared to consume Indian style cuisine.

Within a short period of time after the video was posted online, it garnered a huge number of likes from social media users, in addition to a large number of comments. In reality, one user fervently yelled, “Justice for samosa!” and demanded justice for the classic samosa. Another comment captured the shock experienced by samosa and chocolate lovers when they jokingly said, “Samosa and chocolate lovers had a heart attack.” The third person just wrote the word “Why?” In its whole.

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