Viral Video Shows Biker Smashing Car's Windshield In Bengaluru Road Rage Incident

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Viral Video Shows Biker Smashing Car's Windshield In Bengaluru Road Rage Incident

In a recent incident in Bengaluru, a furious man was caught on camera smashing a car’s windshield.

The video, which is circulating on the internet, shows an agitated person on a two-wheeler approaching a car, beating on the driver’s window, and eventually smashing the windshield with a rock before fleeing the scene. 

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Who shared the video of the unfortunate incident in Bengaluru? 

Viral Footage Captures Bengaluru Biker
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Bernard Mascarenhas, who videotaped and published the occurrence on Instagram, reported that it happened on November 22 around 8:30 p.m. near the Horamavu Bridge.

Mascarenhas said that the biker initiated the attack on his car while trying to take a U-turn. He stated that the young man yelled in Kannada, made threatening gestures, and cracked the glass before fleeing. 

What happened in the video?

Mascarenhas added, “He came from the opposite direction and just cut across blindly without any indication. I slammed on the brakes hard, and we both made eye contact, after which he looked down at the registration plate and hopped off his scooter to begin his diatribe.” 

Viral Footage Captures Bengaluru Biker
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Despite Mascarenhas keeping his cool while live-recording the irate man, the situation worsened as the motorcycle became even more agitated and smashed the car’s windshield. 

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Why did the man not react to the offender?

Mascarenhas explained his decision not to react, saying, “I did not step out of the car or react because I was recording the events and was concerned for my own safety. I didn’t know if he had anything in his pockets that may have harmed me if I had gone outside.” 

How did people on the internet react?

Mascarenhas then noted the motorcyclist’s license plate and filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the police station. The Bengaluru traffic cops have not yet responded to the viral footage. 

Since it was posted on November 23, the video has received over 171,000 views and a slew of concerned comments. Watch the viral video here.

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