VistaCreate Review: Best TikTok Video Maker in 2022

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VistaCreate Review: Best TikTok Video Maker in 2022

Dozens of online graphic editing tools are used to make Instagram stories, posters, and most recently TikToks! In recent terms, VistaCreate has become the top choice for users looking for a TikTok video maker. Whether you’re looking to make TikToks for your small business or for any other reason, VistaCreate has you covered. It is available on both Android and IOS. This tool is free to use – it only requires registration and also has a paid service with even more features for only $10 per month. Read on to learn more about the best features, pros, and cons that Vista has to offer.

TikTok, which debuted in 2016, is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world and was the second most downloaded app in 2020. Users of the first mobile video sharing and production site are encouraged to express themselves in small pieces of video.


Unlike many other video editing tools that have a very crude and cluttered design, Vista has a very user-friendly interface and it’s not too much for you. Anyone can start editing TikToks on this platform. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very accessible. VistaCreate has apps for Android and IOS, and all you need to do to start designing is sign up.


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TikTok is based on vertical videos. TikTok, unlike other platforms, does not allow you to experiment with the aspect ratio of your video. Keep your TikTok videos at 9:16 to fit on a smartphone screen.

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What makes this editor stand out from the rest is its huge collection of templates. With over a thousand different video templates at your disposal, VistaCreate makes TikTok video editing so much easier and is by far its biggest strength. This feature is especially useful for small businesses looking to design ads for their TikTok audience. These templates are not just limited to TikTok videos. You can find everything here, from social media post templates to Instagram story templates. You can even design thumbnails! Even with a huge variety of templates to choose from, it never hurts to have even more templates, and this lack of templates is my only complaint with this feature.

music without copyrightViewCreate Review

Finding the right type of music that is free to use for your TikTok videos can be difficult. With VistaCreate, you get access to a wide range of royalty-free music in different genres. Finding the right kind of music to add to your TikTok background will never be a problem with Vista, and it makes editing TikToks much more convenient and less hassle.

Animation, images, graphics and more

VistaCreate has a decent variety of animations that can be useful for making ads or TikTok videos. Not only that, but also a ton of good quality still images to choose from, which helps in making posts on social media and even TikToks. It is based on ingenious and unique ideas. Avoid using advertisements that look like advertisements. Let your imagination fly. It’s never been easier to show off your creative flair with ready-to-use animations and motion graphics.

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Fonts are a useful tool for making social media posts, Insta stories, or Tiktoks. VistaCreate has a cool feature where you can import your fonts and use them for your needs.


One of its premium features is a collaboration feature that allows you to invite up to 10 people to work on a single project, which is ideal for companies with their own in-house graphic design team.

brand kits

This premium feature allows you to add your brand logos, custom fonts, and unlimited colors to your color palette, which is a useful feature for a business. This is extremely useful when designing ads and media posts for your business.


Overall, VistaCreate is a must-have TikTok video creation tool for any company or brand operating a TikTok account and it makes TikTok design much easier and faster. The premium features are also worth the money, but the free tool is also good on its own.

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