WATCH: CCTV Video of Lidia Thorpe Fusion Strip Club Filmed During Verbal Argument

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Lidia Thorpe

Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe has become one of the hot topics on the Internet. Lidia Thorpe is an independent senator and is making news headlines for an infamous video of her that went viral on the internet. Netizens have been searching the web to see the video of Lidia Thorpe. A large number of netizens have reportedly been searching for details about Lidia Thorpe’s video. In the meantime, we brought this article to them. All the imperative questions about Lidia Thorpe’s video have been answered in the following sections. If you follow this column to the end, you won’t have to search any more web articles. Continue with this page to the end. Scroll down the page and read the details.

The video of Lidia Thorpe appeared on social networks

The ongoing viral video of Lidia Thorpe was reportedly recorded in an expletive-ridden incident over the weekend. As of now, the video has been viewed by thousands of people on the internet. Reportedly, Lidia Thorpe’s colleagues said that Lidia Thorpe must take responsibility for her actions. But what has she done and what is in the video? Pay attention to the next section and get the details.

Lydia Thorpe Video Strip Club Fusion Filmed During Verbal Argument

Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe was reportedly filmed outside a Melbourne nightclub early Sunday morning when she was involved in a verbal fight with a group of men. In the video, she can be seen the Greens defector yelling at a man and taunting him for having a small penis. Additionally, Lidia Thorpe can also be heard using vulgar language in the video. This incident took place after she tried to crash a demonstration outside Parliament House and stop the Mardi Gras parade in Sydney. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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After coming across the viral video of Lidia Thorpe, Jacqui Lambie, a senator from Tasmania, said there was no way out of this. Jacqui Lambie further added: “I think when you’re out this late and put yourself in that kind of situation, you better take responsibility for your actions.” getting up but not taking any responsibility for it is not very helpful.” While Barnaby Joyce, a national deputy, said that he felt sorry for Lidia Thorpe. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Lydia ThorpeLydia ThorpeLydia Thorpe

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