WATCH: Deitrick Haddon’s “50th” Birthday Video His Wife Twerks For Him

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Deitrick Haddon Birthday Video

Recently, a video of Deitrick Haddon, an American musician, went viral. He is a gospel singer, songwriter, pianist, and record pastor. Over the years, Deitrick Haddon has also worked as an actor and a pastor. Therefore, he is a prominent personality in the country. He has millions of followers on social media. But he has been feeling the heat of criticism and the media spotlight ever since he celebrated his 50th birthday. A video of Deitrick Haddon’s birthday party is making waves on the internet. But why and what is in the video? We’re here to explain why Deitrick Haddon’s birthday video is trending and making noise on social media. Please stay with this page and you must read this article till the end. Scroll down the page.

Deitrick Haddon’s birthday video

Deitrick Haddon’s full name is Deitrick Vaughn Haddon and he resides in Detroit, Michigan. His genres are Gospel, Urban Gospel, Pop and Soul. He has been active in the industry since 1995. So far, the gospel singer has worked with record labels like Tysot, Arista, Verity, and RCA Inspiration. Pastor Deitrick Haddon is a member of Oxygen’s reality show Preachers of LA. He scrolls down the page and reads who his wife is.

Musician Deitrick Haddon married Damita Chandler in 1996. The couple stayed together for 15 years but separated in 2011. After divorcing Damita, the gospel singer married Dominique Haddon, who is his second wife. Deitrick Haddon and Dominique Haddon also share two daughters, Denver and Destin, and a son named Deitrick II. Dominique is a co-founder of Los Angeles-based Hilly City Church. Deitrick Haddon is the senior pastor and his wife is the executive pastor of the church. Scroll down the page and read about his viral birthday party.

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Deitrick Haddon's birthday video

Deitrick Haddon posted a video of his 50th birthday party on May 22, 2023. In the video, Deitrick Haddon’s wife twerks for him during the party. The singer captioned the video: “This is how you turn 50! You have to get a good twerk out of your wife! Oh yeah! This was her at the party, so you can imagine my personal after-party! Every great man of God needs a wife who can pray and play.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Deitrick Haddon's birthday video

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