Watch Fearless Man’s Amazing Encounter With A Giant Cobra In This Viral Video

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A man recently caught a giant cobra with his bare hands in a display of bravery and expertise that will take your breath away. The incredible event, captured on camera, has gone viral, leaving viewers in awe of the man’s daring effort.

As the video spread through social media channels, it quickly gained traction, garnering the attention of internet users. Watching a man take on such a dangerous beast without wearing protective gear sent chills down the onlookers. Comments ranged from praise to bewilderment and outright shock. Many praised the man’s audacity, while others were amazed to witness such an incredible feat.

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Encounter of a man with a huge cobra

Thai Marine catching King Cobra by u/JQuest7575 in an interesting ass

‘u/JQuest7575’ has shared the video on Reddit with the caption “Thai Marine Catching King Cobra”. The video begins with the man looking at the snake with its head raised to its waist. The man stares at the reptile before carefully pushing it to the ground. He then immediately takes action, grabbing the reptile with his bare hands.

Video shows a man catching a huge cobra with his bare handsReddit /u/JQuest7575

Let’s see how the internet reacted to this video

The man’s conduct sparked outrage in internet communities. While some appreciate his bravery and see the video as a monument to the daring of the human spirit, others believe it sets a dangerous precedent. The experience serves as a reminder that interactions with wildlife must be approached with caution and consideration for human and animal welfare.

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One user said: “That thing is huge. I wonder if it’s the Cobra Commander.”

Comment by u/ShnickityShnoo on the discussion Thai Marine catching King Cobra in an interesting ass

Another said: “And it’s available for children’s parties.”

Comment by u/Stuft-shirt on discussion Thai Marine trapping King Cobra in an interesting ass

The next person said: “I remember the original video, and the post was correctly titled Malaysian Army. How could they not bother to copy and paste? It’s a lot less work than typing.”

Comment by u/leodash from the discussion Thai Marine catching King Cobra in an interesting ass

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