WATCH: Karol Alcendra Tobinson and El Sebastucho on video twitter leaked on onlyf sparks outrage online

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A name is trending on the web and aging the attention of the people. Yes, we are talking about El Sebastucho. This name is trending on the web because of a circulated video. This video is circulating on Twitter and Onlyfans. This video has raised several questions in the minds of the people. The social media content creator Sebastian Arroyo as EI Sebastucho on social networks, appeared in a new joke. What happened to El Sebastucho? Which type of video is trending on the web? Let’s continue the article.

Karol Alcendra Tobinson and El Sebastucho on video twitter

According to the report, he appeared in a new Joke, which was directed at his love partner and fellow influencer Karol Alcendra, who offered her Viagra.  Yes, right now Pack of Karol Alcendra Robinson and El Sebastucho’s video is trending on the web and making buzz with the various questions. This  Barranquilla influencer is famous for his humorous content and jokes, which are directed at his loved ones. His partner was the main part of his recent pranks. The relationship between both of them ran for a few months for the humorous content on social networks. Scroll down the page to learn about the circulated video.

The video is posted by El Sebastucho on its social media handle, which shows the entire, plot of the joke that has generated numerous comments on social media. In this video, he shows how he crushes the Viagra pill and pours the powder into a glass of water, which he plans to give to his lover.  He makes full planning behind this prank and the drink as well. Sebastucho gives her Karol food and not only this he asks her if she wants water. She responded approving. Keep reading.

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The influencer takes the glass, which was prepared already for the prank, and explains to him that his body feels very hot. She tells him that she is feeling very hot. He tries to handle her and asks her if she needs any pills. After some time, Karol asks desperately his partner to come close to her and asks him if he experiences a great s*ual need but he says no. The clip concludes when he discloses to her what he had given him to drink. The video has 130k sections. Some people showed the laughing emoji but some criticized the video. The video is getting mixed reviews from fans. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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