WATCH: Luluk Nuril Video Viral: Istri Polisi Sparks Controversy Online

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Luluk Nuril Video Viral

A video featuring Luluk Nuril has rapidly gone viral, attracting significant attention across various social media platforms. As previously mentioned, the video captured her in a heated exchange with an intern student, and it quickly gained widespread popularity on the internet. Following the video’s release, Luluk faced a substantial backlash online, with many individuals expressing criticism for her actions.

The video shows her reprimanding the intern student and reportedly using offensive language. In a subsequent incident, Luluk further attracted attention when she recorded herself being escorted by Patwal (Traffic Police). The situation gained even more media prominence after it was revealed that Luluk is the spouse of a police officer. The incident was promptly reported to the authorities, and there have been recent developments regarding the case, which are detailed below.

Luluk Nuril’s actions were reported to the police, and the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has stated that her behavior violated the Child Protection Law. She is identified as the wife of Bripka Nuril, who has been serving at the Tiris Police for eight years. However, his recent promotion to the Head of Binmas Polsek Tiris, which occurred just three months ago, has now been revoked due to his wife’s actions. Probolinggo Police Chief AKBP Wisnu Wardana confirmed that Bripka will be relieved of his current position, and the police’s code of ethics and disciplinary hearing process is currently being overseen by Propam (Police Professionalism and Security Division). As the investigation into the matter continues, further updates will be provided as the case involving Luluk unfolds.

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