WATCH: Norma Lizbeth Fight video sparks controversy on internet

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norma lizbeth fight video viral

In recent news, it was reported that Norma Elizabeth’s fight video has been making rounds all over the internet by capturing a large group of audience. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates. Norma Elizabeth’s fight video is garnering an increasing limelight with the rise of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. The fight video has affected social media as you can see the potential implications of this for social networks as well.

Norma Lizbeth Fight video

The viral video, of a black woman being attacked by a white man in a parking lot in June 2020 which went viral on social media has sparked outrage among the world. In the video clip, the man was seen aggressively pushing her onto the ground and then dragging her across the parking lot.

norma lizbeth fight video

Moreover, the incident has highlighted the power of social media to raise awareness which can draw attention to important issues. The video of the fight has also been used to begin conversations regarding racism and police brutality. Resulting which, it sparked debates about the need for greater police accountability and better protection services for people.

norma lizbeth fight video viral

Reportedly, Norma Elizabeth’s video appears on social media platforms in the United States and Mexico. The video has been used to start a conversation and encourage people to be vocal against injustice. It also portrays a powerful impact on the black community.

Following the incident, the Mexican police is compelled to take action as it led to several protests across the world. The video of Norma Lizbeth went viral after a YouTuber, Jackie Flores spoke about the same. It was revealed that Norma Lizbeth was a student from Teotihuacan Official Secondary School.

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Reportedly, things were decent until the students were called back to attend school after the lockdown. Following Covid-19, she became the victim of bullying at the school. Norma Lizbeth’s classmate, Azahara Aylin Martinez began bullying her because of her skin color, curly hair, and family status.

Azahara challenged Norma Lizbeth to come into physical fights after school hours, heating up the fight more. The administrations were not aware of the matter, hence no action was being taken. During the physical violence, Azahara attacked Norma with a stone, and people by standing helped Norma and took her to the hospital. Thank you for being a patient reader. As you know, shares are always appreciated. Tune in to our website, for more updates and valuable insights.

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