WATCH: Ohio school bus driver Jackie Miller’s viral rant video inspires T-shirt, $60,000 in donations

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Ohio School Bus Driver Jackie Miller

Recently the Ohio bus driver is going viral on the internet. People are taking an interest in the bus drivers’ foul-mouthed rants against students. The video of the bus driver has gone viral on social media. Mainly on Tiktok and Reddit. And people are getting very interested in the collapse of the bus drivers. The viral video of her seems to have over 3 million views on Tiktok and that was just in two days. Although the driver’s name is not revealed, the 2 minute clip showing the bus drivers’ rampage shows it all. People are surfing the internet to find out more about the clip, not just about this riot, but how it became the inspiration for the t-shirt design for the public.

Who is the Ohio school bus driver, Jackie Miller?

The viral video of the Ohio bus driver seems to have caught the public eye and now there’s a T-shirt that was inspired by the slang she uses in the video to berate students. Not only that, there was also a fundraiser of up to $60,000. It’s to help her retire. It has been said that her tirade, in which she threatened to “kick some serious ass” because she was “done with the st,” came after at least two years of harassment by a core group of youth in your Amherst route. .

The driver also apologized and said she was very sorry for the way he behaved. It was a very challenging day for her. Some students sprayed her perfume on him and it gave him a horrible asthma attack. She also said that she was very sorry for her actions, but that she will not go back on what she said. She said this in regards to the scolding that ended with her resignation.

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Ohio School Bus Driver Jackie Miller

The local outlet at a local clothing store has designed a t-shirt commemorating the story, donating $5 of any purchase of the $25 item to the now unemployed driver. The shirt, available in black or green, features a yellow image of a school bus, as well as one of the video’s most memorable lines: “My foot is going to be so far up your butt it’s going to hang off your nose.” T-shirt sales will go towards an even larger online fundraiser that has already raised more than $59,000, with more than 2,500 people donating to help her retire and take vacations. The bus driver also says that despite pressure from her to help her retire, she intends to continue driving buses, but only for adults.

Ohio School Bus Driver Jackie Miller

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