Watch: Puducherry man’s calm demeanor as he traps snake in paper jar stuns internet

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Watch: Puducherry man's calm demeanor as he traps snake in paper jar stuns internet

Rescuing a snake can have its ups and downs, but it’s never easy. Snakes like to hide in tricky places, and if they’re out in the open, it’s hard to catch them. Making a mistake can be scary, but a man shocked people on social media by using a plastic jar and a sheet of paper to catch a snake.

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Puducherry man rescues snake with jar and paper

Puducherry man traps a snake in a jar with paperReddit

A video of the incident, supposedly in Puducherry, is circulating on Reddit. The video shows a man in an orange shirt calmly rescuing the snake without any fear. It begins with the man standing in front of the moving snake, holding a stick and a plastic container to catch it.

The man rescuing the snake leans forward and places a jar on the snake’s head. He catches the snake’s mouth securely and then puts the rest of his body in the jar. The snake tries to resist, but the person does not hesitate to use his hands to push the snake inside.

The scariest part comes next. Once the snake is fully inside the jar, the person uses a piece of paper to turn the jar upside down. Once the snake is inside the jar, the rescuer lifts the sheet of paper and snaps the jar lid into place.

The internet was stunned by the man’s calm demeanor

A Reddit user shared the video, writing: “Puducherry Snake Rescue, Puducherry Fire & Rescue Service.” People on the internet were completely stunned to see the man work with a hostile snake with such ease and calm.

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Pondicherry Snake Rescue, Pondicherry Fire and Rescue Service by u/Kaos2018 on nextfuckinglevel

Users joked how the snake would have been surprised to see a human reacting little to nothing to its intimidation. While others were simply impressed by man’s methodical rescue of the snake.

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