Welsh Accommodation Robbery: Couple Leaves With Electric Fan, Lamps, And Kettle After Bagless Check-In

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Welsh Accommodation Robbery: Couple Leaves With Electric Fan, Lamps, And Kettle After Bagless Check-In

You’ve probably heard of the practise of removing little bathing goods like shampoo sachets from hotels after you check out. Consider the scenario in which a Welsh couple simply left the standard toiletries and made off with anything else they could get their hands on from a newly-opened hotel room. Here’s what happened.

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Couple stole everything from Hotel room after checking-in empty handed 

Couple Stole From Wales HotelWales News

Natalie Newton, the 43-year-old landlord, described how these unnamed guests went to considerable efforts to strip her hotel in Pembroke Dock, West Wales.

They allegedly took two fluffy white bath towels, two hand towels, an electric fan, two lamps, a kettle, a tea caddy, and even a tower extension block with USB connections. “The only thing they didn’t take were the shampoo and soaps from the bathroom,” Natalie observed sarcastically.

Despite the fact that they had no luggage, the couple returned to their car to get empty bags, which they then filled with items from their hotel room. 

Couple Stole From Wales HotelWales News

“They were super-friendly when they checked in,” Natalie reminisced, “but I thought it was a bit strange because apart from the women’s handbag they had no luggage.” 

The couple delayed their check-out

Their reservation had been made through Booking.com, and while their original card payment was refused, they were able to provide a second card upon arriving the previous Saturday at 8:45 p.m. 

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They delayed their check-out and left before hotel workers could enter the room the next morning. Newton went on to say, “When we checked the CCTV, we saw they went back out to the car to fetch bags to load up everything from the room.” 

Natalie said, “I just feel they are horrible individuals who rip the mickey out of hardworking people like me and my staff.” Natalie couldn’t let out Room 3 at the Dolphin since it had been robbed, and she couldn’t replace the items until Monday morning. 

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