What does a locksmith do? Are they valuable to your business?

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Locksmith for your Business

As a business owner, you want to take advantage of different service providers to facilitate your business operations and achieve overall efficiency. A locksmith could be one of them. They are service providers specialized in keys, locks and security systems.

A common misconception about locksmiths is that they only provide services for residential needs. But locksmiths are also becoming a necessity among businesses today. So are they valuable to your business? This article looks at the ways a locksmith will serve your business.

There is no doubt that your business premises are made of many doors with a lock system. However, there may be situations where the locks become damaged or do not work as they should. As a result, you may find it difficult to open your doors, disrupting your business operations.

In such situations, a locksmith company, such as Locksmith Plus in Seattle, Washington, has the skills to replace damaged locks. They might also be able to recommend high-quality locks that you can purchase to prevent the problem from happening again.

As your business operates over time, you may have workers who are no longer with you. During their stay in your business, they may have a key to access your facilities. Once they leave your business, their access becomes a security threat, regardless of how trustworthy they are.

Therefore, to avoid problems in the future, it is better to rekey your locks, which is a service offered by locksmiths. It involves removing the old locking pins and installing new ones. It is a cost-effective option as it is expensive to change all the locks on your business premises and give existing employees and staff new keys.

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You can only change the locks on the front door entrance if you use a key system and any other rooms with valuables that your previous employees have had access to. If they can’t get to the front door, there’s no way for them to open other locks on the premises, even if they still have the keys.

Although thefts are not common in your business area, it is still necessary to take precautionary measures. An unauthorized person could attempt to enter your business premises outside of business hours. Without proper security systems, they will gain access, steal documents and assets, and even get away with it.

A locksmith can prevent such possibilities by installing an alarm system. Although they can gain access to your property, they can activate the alarm to alert authorities, minimizing your chances of leaving your business valuables behind.

A locksmith can install various alarm systems, from motion sensors to automatic locking systems, so it’s best to determine which one is right for your business.

As stated above, there will always be workers who leave your company to look for other jobs. As they leave, others will come. The locksmith will make keys for new employees. They will do so by duplicating the key of an original. However, it is important to ask the locksmith not to duplicate any keys without the permission of upper management. You will prevent misuse of the service that could likely weaken security.

Another reason locksmiths are valuable to your business is that they can make a master key. It is a single key that will give you access to all the doors in your facility and could be useful for senior management personnel.

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This is especially true if all doors to your business premises require a lock or if there are several areas with limited access. As a business owner, walking around with multiple keys for each door can be time consuming. It could slow down your operation, hindering the productivity of your business. Plus, you’re less likely to realize a key is missing, putting your business facilities at risk.

A locksmith has the skills to develop a master key for you and your senior team, making the job easier. There will be no downtime because you won’t be taking the time to figure out which key opens which door.

As your business grows, you may need to upgrade your security system. When you were a startup, you probably relied on the locks that best suited your security needs. Now that you are handling a lot of valuable customer data and business assets, it is best to hire a locksmith to increase your security.

Padlocks differ in size, operating mechanism, and features, which means they have different levels of security. Locksmiths can help you choose the right lock for your business based on your operations.

However, it is important to note that it is not economical to invest in high-level security if you only operate one or two story commercial facilities that do not handle sensitive data. Therefore, as an owner, you must assess the level of security your business needs in order to choose the most cost-effective option.

As a business, you handle a lot of documents and data that may contain sensitive information. While this data can be stored digitally in the cloud, there are situations where a physical copy is necessary. That’s when a safe or vault comes in handy.

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You can buy a safe yourself, but you will need the services of a locksmith to install it on your walls or in the place you prefer. If you choose to make a vault, the locksmiths can build it for you.

Safes and vaults can also be useful if your business handles a lot of cash. A safe or vault is an investment that you must make so that you do not have to go to the bank every time you need funds to operate your business.


The professional service of a locksmith is a business necessity. The discussion above shows several ways in which your services will benefit your business operations. Therefore, you should consider hiring a commercial locksmith for your business to ensure that you have all the necessary security needs and avoid security risks.

Once you decide to hire a locksmith, it is recommended to have only one service provider that you can trust for all of these services, as you trust them with the security of your business. As your business grows, so do your security needs. Therefore, your best option is to take advantage of all service providers to increase the security of your company.

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