What happened to Ironmouse? Virtual YouTuber Health and Illness Update

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Word is spreading all over the internet that Ironmouse is sick. Ironmouse fans are very nervous about his health, since he has shared that he is sick, so he takes a break from social networks. Now, many people are very curious to know about her and they want to know what happened to him, why he is sick. Her fans are very worried about her. So today we will tell you every piece of information about her and her life and we will also tell you about her health update. So, read the full article.

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Ironmouse is sick?

Ironmouse is a Puerto Rican-American virtual YouTuber, singer, and livestreamer. His YouTube channel name is Iromouse. He has 877 thousand subscribers on his channel. She has been active on youtube since 2017. And she also got a youtube creator award when she completed 100,000 subscribers on youtube in 2020. She did a live album Mouse Birthday Concert 2023 and a single song Waifu Jam 2023. She has also covered singles, King, Getcha 2022, Vampire 2022, Merry Christmas x Mi Burrito Sabanero. 2023. And his featured singles are Black Bulls Rap Cypher 2020, No Game No Life Rap 2021, Zoldyck Rap 2021, Omae Wa Mou 2021, Virtual Realities 2021, Bladeworks 2021, Summer 2021, Ladies of Anime Cypher 2021, Evil Ladies of Anime Cypher 2021, Yandere Cypher 2022 and Zombies 2022.

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Ironmouse was nominated at The Streamer Awards in 2022 for Best VTuber Streamer, and at Streamy Awards 2022, she was also nominated in the Best VTuber category. And in 2023 she was nominated for Best Chat Streamer at The Streamer Awards and won Best VTuber at The Streamer Awards 2023. She recently updated her fans on her health on Twitter that she suffers from various chronic illnesses. . She said in her tweet that “I am living with an immune and lung disease. I am on oxygen 24/7. I have had to wear masks for years to protect myself from the world. It’s uncomfortable but it never affected my breathing. WEAR A MASK PLEASE, not for yourself and others, but for people like me who have PIDO.” Due to this illness, she had to cancel all of her live broadcasts and extended breaks from her regular content creation schedule.

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iron mouseImage Credit: Twitter

Her fans pray for her and wish her a speedy recovery. She has maintained a positive attitude despite her illness. So this was all about Ironmouse, we will update you on her health soon. So stay with us.

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