What happened to Michael Allen? Tributes paid after a man stabbed near a Bodmin nightclub

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Michael Allen

There are many cases that need to be resolved in order to provide justice. But it is becoming difficult for the police to work on it as they are constantly receiving new cases that require their attention. Well, more murder cases have been filed on a daily basis, but some of them instantly caught the attention of the world and the Michael Allen murder case is one such case. People are currently looking for the details of this case and want to know who killed him and what exactly happened that became the reason for his departure. Since this news appeared on the web, people are paying tribute and sending condolences to his family. We know how you feel right now and no words can comfort you, but at least we can try.

Death and obituary of Michael Allen

Not only among his family, but he was also a famous college rugby player who unfortunately suffered a stabbing death. Reports indicate that this incident occurred outside of a nightclub on Sunday, April 30, 2023. Police were already briefed on the incident and were called on reports of a severe fight that occurred early Sunday morning. The deceased was 35 years old when he breathed his last from him. He was not the only one affected in this incident, there were 7 other people who were injured at the scene of the crime.

michael allen

After reports of the street fight emerged, police found Mr Allen’s dead body at the crime scene located at the Eclipse location on Castle Canyke Road located in Bodmin, Cornwall. As soon as the incident was reported, 7 men and women were instantly admitted to the hospital. The case is in court and the magistrates have given the police additional time for questioning. Reports indicate that a 24-year-old has been arrested in this case and the police are investigating the matter as they have not shared the details of the perpetrator.

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michael allen

As of now, only the suspect is known to be a native of Bodmin. If the police find him guilty, he will face numerous charges and could end up in prison for the rest of his life. The devastated family has characterized him as a “much loved grandson, son, uncle and brother who loved his dogs.” According to the statement from the deceased family, they have demanded total privacy in these difficult times and as human beings, it is our duty to respect his privacy and his feelings. The death of the young player has created an uproar online and netizens are demanding strict measures against the perpetrator.

michael allenmichael allenmichael allen

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