What happened to Murphy Afolabi? Nollywood actor killed in car accident

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What happened to Murphy Afolabi?  Nollywood actor killed in car accident

These days, most of the news websites and newspapers show sad news. And mostly these days we only hear the pass word of famous actors and personalities and in this lineup one more name is added to this list. Everyone will be in extreme pain after hearing the news of the death of a famous Nollywood actor and that is Murphy Afolabi. His fans are totally devastated by the sudden news of his passing and they want to know the details of his passing and they want to know what happened to him and how he lost his life. There are many websites that claim that he lost his life in a traffic accident.

What happened to Murphy Afolabi?

However, no official website has made any confirmation regarding the actual reason for his passing. All the social media are covering the latest news of him and people are paying tribute on their social media platforms. People are saddened by his passing as he recently celebrated his birthday on May 5, 2023. Although he was only a week and 2 days after his 49th birthday when he was pronounced dead on Sunday May 14, 2023. Now people are seeking to know the details of his last rites so they can attend his funeral. Users of social networks are eager to find the answer to the question “What happened to Murphy Afolabi?”

Murphy Afolabi

The news of his passing has shaken the Nigerian film industry and left his fans in deep sorrow. In 2-3 months, Nollywood Industry has lost wonderful actors and has put the world in mourning. He was 49 years old when he breathed his last and had recently celebrated his birthday. The news of his passing is officially confirmed by veteran film producer and director Tunde Ola-Yusuf through his social media page. He shared that “Rest in peace. God provides the strength to bear the loss of family and close friends.” It is quite sad as the actor had a lot of talent to reveal and he was working his way up to become the face of the Nigerian film industry.

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Murphy Afolabi

The artist’s departure will surely be deeply felt as he will be fondly remembered for his significant contributions to the Nollywood industry. Sadly, Faith had other plans and the late actor was declared dead by the media just 24 hours after San Obi passed away. Murphy Afolabi had to garner several City People Movie Award nominations at the time of his acting career, including Best Actor, Best Producer, and Best Director. As of now, we only have this many details, but we’ll share more information soon.

Murphy Afolabi

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