What happened to the Carsyn seaweed? Community demands answers for the death of a 15-year-old teenager

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What Happened to Carsyn Seaweed?

A teenager named Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed was found dead after attending the 2023 Annual Mother’s Day Soccer Tournament held in Duncan, BC. When Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed was found dead, the RCMP stated that criminality was not suspected in her death, but the department later said foul play is suspected in Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed’s death. In addition, RCMP also apologized to the victim’s family, saying a lack of communication between law enforcement agencies led the department to say the death of Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed was not being investigated as suspicious. After much backlash and countless people demanding justice for the teen, the RCMP reconsidered and began investigating the case as an alleged homicide. Do you know what the circumstances were surrounding the death of Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed? If not, keep reading this article and know more about it.

What happened to the Carsyn seaweed?

Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed was reported missing on May 14 in Duncan BC after attending a local soccer tournament with her mother. However, the girl was found alive but a few days later she was found dead behind a Super 8 Motel near the Trans Canada Highway. The deceased was a girl from the Cowichan tribe and was a native of the Namgis Nation. As mentioned, RCMP did not initially consider the girl’s death suspicious, but after 24 hours, the department stated that the circumstances surrounding Carsyn Mackenzie Seaweed’s death are considered suspicious. An investigation has been launched. Scroll down the page and read more.

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Inspector Chris Bear, who is the head of the North Cowichan RCMP detachment, said on Friday morning while addressing a rally of family members and mourners outside the RCMP office, this case is our top priority. He said: “I can assure you that our investigators are doing everything they can. There have been some communication issues that I fully acknowledge that we had. It was misunderstood that we are not investigating. We’ve been giving it everything we’ve got from the start, and we’re doing everything we can.”

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The head of the North Cowichan RCMP said this to reassure the public that they have been doing everything they can and the investigation has never been called off. It was just a miscommunication that created an issue for which he apologized to the deceased’s family and community. ispc. Chris Bear said: “This is a big priority, we’re doing everything we can.” It was a fallout from the lack of communication between Island District RCMP, Duncan RCMP and media liaisons. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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