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Vikki Layton

Most of the death in this world is due to a lethal disease that is cancer. Earlier the treatment of this disease was not properly present but now technology and science worked hard on it and found a complete cure for it. But it is important to detect this disease at an early stage only then the patient gets rid of it, since with each passing stage the condition of the victim worsens and worsens and ends with death. However, the treatment of this disease is quite painful and the person loses hair all over the body, even from the eyebrows. This time too, this disease draws a lot of attention and people want to know who we are talking about.

Update on cancer and disease health from Vikki Layton

You are sure of those people who want to know what happened to Vikki Layton. She is the wife of Mark Selby, an accomplished English snooker player, who has triumphed in the World Snooker Championship 4 times and is currently ranked as the best player in this world. She started her professional career at the age of 16 and has won numerous championships including 2 UK Championships, 3 Masters Championships and 4 World Snooker Championships. Despite her great achievements, Selby experienced a loss in her first World Championship final as a professional in 2007.

vikki layton

What’s wrong with your wife?

Right now, people are not looking for you, in fact, they are interested in searching to find out your wife’s details. Several people have been searching for details about the health of Vikki Layton, the wife of Mark Selby. There were several rumors related to her passing, but luckily, all of this was found to be false and she is alive and well. There were many invalid websites claiming that she suffered from cancer. Luckily this news is also found to be false and she is fine. Although Mark Selby has revealed that he has been dealing with issues related to mental health and in addition to this, he recently suffered a “relapse” in his fight against depression.

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vikki layton

Privately and quietly, he has been dealing with mental health issues. Although in recent times, she has started to affect her performance and she has faced some problems and difficulties. After his match against Hawkins, he was very disappointed with his performance. Now speaking of the main topic of this blog, the personal details of his wife are unknown. Based on the photos of her, she comes to be in her late thirties. Vikki’s exact age is also not known.

vikki layton

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