What is a magnetic drill press and how does it work?

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Magnetic Drill

A magnetic drill is a piece of portable drilling equipment that uses an electromagnet or permanent magnet base to drill holes in metal.

A magnetic drill is a machine tool that drills holes in metal using a cutting tool attachment and an electromagnet. A core drill is a cutting tool that is attached to a magnetic drill press. The core bit is hollow on the inside but has cutting edges on the surface and teeth.

A magnetic drill is also known as a magnetic core drill, magnetic drill, magnetic drill, magnetic drill, magnetic base drill, or magnetic drill.

Thread cutting (tapping), twist drilling, reaming and countersinking can be done with a magnetic drill. To drill holes in metal, a portable magnetic drill uses a cutting tool known as a core bit, annular cutter, or annular core cutter.

Part of the magnetic drill press:

A magnetic drill is made up of just four parts: a magnetic base, a drill stand, a motor, and a spindle.

magnetic base

To quickly hold (adhere) the machine to the workpiece to be drilled, a powerful electromagnet is incorporated into the base of a magnetic drill. When charged, this magnet adheres to the work piece, securing the machine base to the metal work piece and allowing the operator to feed the work piece steadily. The electromagnet is crucial in a portable magnetic drill because it keeps the machine stable, prevents it from tipping over while drilling, and allows you to work overhead, horizontally, or vertically. A magnetic drill is typically used on ferrous materials, although it can also be used on non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel with the application of clamping devices.

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drill stand

The drill stand, which houses the motor and magnet electrical switches as well as the magnet indicator and PCBs, is the main body of the magnetic drill. The motor and the magnetic base are held together by the body of the magnetic drill. The feed handle is also attached to the body. The up and down movement of the motor is assisted by the body of the magnetic drill, which allows it to ride on it. The body of the magnetic drill doubles as a handle for lifting and carrying equipment. Most often, cast iron is used for the body.


The motor is the most important part of a magnetic drill. It is a motor that works with direct current (DC). The power output of the motor ranges from 800 to 2300 watts, depending on the amount of power needed to drill. A larger diameter hole requires a more powerful motor. The motor used in the drilling and tapping equipment will have the option of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The electronic components that control the speed and torque of the motor are normally found in the motor.


In a magnetic drill, the motor is attached to a spindle, also known as a tool holder or chuck. It is a type of clamp used to hold core bits in place. For the magnetic drill, there are two types of chucks: industrial chuck (hand tighten) and quick change chucks. Core bit installation is quick and easy with the quick change chuck. They do not have to manually tighten the screws or jaws. Different shapes of spindle holders, such as the Morse taper, can be found in arbors and chucks. The chuck (shanks) can accommodate a variety of core drilling spindles.

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A magnetic core drilling rig differs from a typical drilling rig in the following ways:

The main difference between a conventional drilling machine and a magnetic core drilling machine is that a magnetic core drilling machine, unlike a conventional drilling machine, is portable and flexible, which means that it can be moved from one place to another. to another and fixed horizontally, vertically and laterally. , etc. No other rig can match this level of versatility.

Another distinction is that a core drilling machine only cuts on the periphery of the hole rather than the entire surface, which requires you to cut very little material and is therefore faster and more cost-effective. As a result, a magnetic drill is three to four times faster than typical drilling machines under normal conditions.

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