What is Angie Craig’s ethnicity? Parents, Family, Wife, Religion, Nationality

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What is Angie Craig's ethnicity?  Parents, Family, Wife, Religion, Nationality

Harassment of women is fairly common news to hear. Not just at home or outdoors, women also face harassment in the workplace. Not only ordinary women but also many popular celebrities are facing this problem but luckily they are raising their voice against it and giving other women courage or motivation to stand against this heinous crime. Recently, this type of case made the news again after a congresswoman was attacked and assaulted by a man. The man is also a popular face and that is why this news is drawing a lot of attention.

Who is Angie Craig?

The congresswoman is identified as Angie Craig and people are showing interest in this news and want to know more details about it. Apart from this case, many people are also showing interest in knowing her ethnicity. The news of Craig has been trending after the reported assault on Thursday, February 9, 2023. She is a former businesswoman and current politician and Craig is currently a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) . Before starting her career as a politician, she was a retired reporter.

Angie Craig Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality

American American American Lutheran

The report states that since 2019, he has been working as the United States Representative from Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district. In addition to this, she also garnered a lot of media attention after becoming the first lesbian mother to serve in Congress. Craig has always talked about her sexuality and has never been afraid to talk about it. That is why many people refer to her as a strong and passionate woman and because of her bold personality, she is a role model for many women. As we mentioned earlier before she was involved in a political party, she was a corporate businesswoman and journalist. Read more: Is Burak Özçivit alive or dead? Does Turkish actor die in Turkey earthquake?

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angie craig

Angie Craig’s parents, family and wife

But now people are talking about her after she revealed the assault experience. The politician originally hails from West Helena, Arkansas located in the US, and because of that she is of white ethnicity. She is a Lutheran and famous for her bold personality. Recently, on Thursday, February 9, 2023, she reported that she suffered harassment and assault by a man. She claims that she was attacked in the elevator of her apartment building. The incident occurred on Thursday morning. According to the report, around 7:10 a.m., the politician was in the lobby of her apartment building. Read More: Burak Özçivit Death News: Turkish Actor Burak Osman Was Reported Killed In Turkey Earthquake

Angie Craig wife Cheryl GreeneAngie Craig wife Cheryl Greene

He was going to a corridor to have a coffee and suddenly he observed that a man was walking from one side to the other and he said “good morning” and got into the elevator. But before the elevator closed, the same man reached in and tried to enter the elevator. She thought that this incident was normal since people often do such things. After that, the man asked her to use the politician’s bathroom but she denied it and stated that she did not feel comfortable and the man began to misbehave with her.

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