What is Rupert Murdoch’s net worth in 2023? Exploring career earnings and fortune

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It is not easy to trust someone again, just as it is difficult to love again. But many people take this opportunity and are happy with their decision, although it is not necessary for everyone to have a good partner for their second chance as well. Most people get tired of giving life a new opportunity over and over again and decide to live the rest of their life alone, but there are some people who would never get tired of giving their life a new opportunity and dare to return to life. love. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is doing the same after failing his marriage for the fourth time and is ready to give his love life or marriage a fifth chance.

Rupert Murdoch with his fifth wife, Ann Lesley Smith, Image Credit: Getty Images

What is Rupert Murdoch’s net worth in 2023?

Very shocking, right! But this news is true and is currently covered by many news websites. The Fox Corp Chairman is set to get married for the fifth time and this news has caused a sensation in the media industry. The 92-year-old media mogul has reportedly become engaged to a former San Francisco police chaplain, Ann Lesley Smith. No, it is not a rumor, as this news was officially confirmed by the spokesperson of an American businessman on Monday, March 20, 2023. The couple decided to get married at the end of the summer. Who is The Wives of Rupert Murdoch?

rupert murdochRupert Murdoch with his fifth wife, Ann Lesley Smith, Image Credit: Getty Images

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Now, since people heard this news, they started searching for information about their previous marriages as well as the details of their children. The business magnet met his fiancée Smith, 66, in September at Ella Moraga’s vineyard in Bel Air, California. The news of her engagement is officially confirmed by News Corp. Now after hearing this, people are looking to know about her previous failed marriages. Smith was previously married to country singer and television and radio executive, Chester Smith, who breathed his last in August 2008.

rupert murdochRupert Murdoch wife Jerry Hall, Image Credit: Getty Images

Other than that, the media mogul separated from his fourth wife in August 2022. His fourth ex-wife is Jerry Hall, a former top model. The business magnate’s first wife was Patricia Booker, a former flight attendant. The two married in Australia in 1956. At the time, Mudroch was 25 years old. They both shared a daughter named Prudence. She currently works as an executive for a newspaper. After spending 11 years together, the two decided to end their marriage in 1967. In 1968, Mudroch remarried former reporter Anna Torv.

rupert murdochRupert Murdoch’s wife, Anna Torv, broke up in 1999. Image Credit: Getty Images

The report states that she was working at his newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”. They both have 3 children together, James, Elisabeth and Lachlan. After 32 years of their beautiful marriage, they separate in 1999. Murdoch remarries 31-year-old Doing. At that time she was 68 years old. Amazingly, he tied the third wedding knot with her less than 3 weeks after her second divorce. Murdoch reportedly met Deng in 1997 when she was still living with Torv.

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rupert murdochRupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng lasted 14 years Image Credit: Getty Images

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