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A verified Twitter handle is a big deal. It instantly shows the public that you are someone to be taken seriously. It tells your potential customers that you are trustworthy and credible. It tells your fans that you are remarkable. So it comes as no surprise that the Twitter Verification Service is one of the most sought after offerings by social media marketing agencies.

A verified checkmark on Twitter provides many benefits for you and your business. In this article, we will explore some of them. Let us begin!

6 benefits of being verified on Twitter

  1. improved credibility

A verified blue badge instantly improves your credibility in the eyes of your audience. Your personal or brand profile immediately appears more trustworthy and credible. Of course anyone can buy fake followers; Anyone can create great content, but the only thing that puts your profile in a whole different league is having a verified blue badge. Instantly gives you a much better first impression. It makes people more interested in what you have to say.

  1. higher authority

A verified Twitter account seems more authoritative. Anyone can make a Tweet. Any random John Doe can reply to a tweet. So how do you cut through all the noise in the world of Twitter? get verified. If you’re looking to be heard or seen, nothing will do it better than having a verified profile. Think about this: if you’re replying to a famous celebrity with a regular account instead of a verified account, which reply is more likely to get noticed? Of course, the one from a verified Twitter account. Imagine replying to an Elon Musk thread and receiving a reply.

  1. better visibility

For individuals and businesses that have impersonators, a verified badge can directly affect your visibility and let your followers and potential customers know immediately which account is the real you. Also, when people search for you in the Twitter search box, you will always appear at the top of the search results. More visibility means that you will probably grow on Twitter much faster.

  1. Greater notoriety

While having a verified badge doesn’t mean Twitter endorses you, it does tell people that you must be a notable figure or business. In order to be verified, you must have something outstanding about yourself in terms of notoriety. A minuscule percentage of Twitter accounts are verified, and people realize that it’s not easy to do. The fact that you’re instantly verified makes people feel like you’re someone they know.

  1. Increased probability of cross-platform verification

Getting verified on Twitter can improve your chances of being verified on other platforms. Whether you’re looking to get verified on Instagram or TikTok, or any other social media platform, getting verified on Twitter instantly shows the reviewer on those platforms that Twitter has already deemed you worthy of verification. And this significantly improves your chances of verification. Many of the agencies that provide the Twitter verification service also offer combo packages that also include Instagram and Facebook verification.

  1. More followers

A user is more likely to follow a verified profile than one that is not. And this can lead to more followers for your profile and lead to a higher and better quality of engagement. Verified profiles tend to have a faster growth trend than regular profiles. It’s no secret that social proof plays a huge role in growing a profile. And nothing shows social proof better than a verified blue badge.

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Things to know about verified Twitter accounts

While being verified on Twitter provides you with many amazing benefits, there are some limitations that you need to be aware of. These may not be limitations per se, but here are some things we think you should be aware of.

1. Username Changes

Verified Twitter accounts, just like verified Instagram or Facebook accounts, cannot change their username. Once you have been verified, you will not be able to rename your username. If you do, you risk losing your credential. So, if you’re looking to get verified on Twitter, make sure you have a username you’re happy with. In case you want a username that is already in use but inactive, you can always hire a social media agency to claim a username for you.

2. Type of account

Verified Twitter accounts cannot make their profile private. The only reason you are verified is that you are a notable and well-known person or company. If you opt for a private account, you cannot be verified. Alternatively, if you are already verified and switch to a private account, you may lose your verified badge.

3. Account Activity

In accordance with Twitter’s verification policy, inactive accounts are not eligible for verification. Consequently, inactive accounts verified for an extended period may be at risk of having their badges revoked. In January 2021, Twitter conducted a sweep analyzing all verified accounts for inactivity and removing thousands of badges from verified profiles. So no matter what, if you’re verified on Twitter, you need to make sure you keep your account full and active. That is, you should always fill in the account display photo, cover photo, bio, and other details. And you must regularly post/interact with other accounts to prove you are an active account.

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And there you go. From tremendous benefits to minor limitations, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about what it means to get verified on Twitter. As you can see, the benefits that come with a verified Twitter account are huge. So it’s no surprise that companies and public figures routinely hire social media agencies for their Twitter Verification Service. These digital agencies prepare your profile, work to get it featured in notable news publications, and submit an internal request with their partner on Twitter for verification. And before you know it, your profile gets a shiny blue badge!

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