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Soon, it might be easier to move your WhatsApp messages and large files between phones running the same operating system. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has announced a new way to move chats that doesn’t use cloud backups.

All you have to do is scan a QR code on your old phone with your new phone. The new WhatsApp feature says: “Data is only shared between your two devices and is fully encrypted while it is being sent.”

The new process could be much faster and easier than the current cloud-based option, which requires you to back up your chat information to iCloud or Google Drive and then download it to a new device. It also helps you get around cloud storage limits, like if your chat and video backup is bigger than the 5GB of free storage that comes with every iCloud account.

The tool only works between devices with the same operating system. For example, it only works between Android devices and iOS devices. If you want to move your chat history from one to the other, the steps are a bit different depending on which way you move it. Here is the WhatsApp help page for moving from iPhone to Android, and here is the page for moving from Android to iPhone.

In its announcement, WhatsApp does not give a specific date for when the new feature will be available. However, WABetaInfo has seen that little by little it has been reaching beta users on both Android and iOS. This, along with the official announcement made today, means that the feature will soon be widely available. Once the feature is ready, you will be able to use it by going to settings, chats and the “Chat transfer” option of your old device.

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