WhatsApp introduces new shortcuts for group administrators on iPhone

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WhatsApp New Shortcuts for Group Admins on iPhone

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The latest update, version 23.1.75, of WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has been pushed to the Apple app store.

WaBetaInfo has published a report stating that the update will bring new shortcuts for group admins. By making use of these shortcuts, WhatsApp Group administrators will have the ability to perform activities more quickly for specific contacts.

What are the new shortcuts?

According to the report, WhatsApp will now put a user’s contact number in the spotlight whenever an event occurs, such as when a member of a group joins or leaves the group. With the latest version, WhatsApp group admins now have the ability to quickly make calls by long-pressing on a contact’s number. They also have the option of having a one-on-one conversation with each individual member of the group.

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The latest update to WhatsApp for iOS includes several new keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to copy a phone number and the ability to add group members to the address book. According to the WaBetaInfo report, the shortcuts will be “useful in large meetings where it can be difficult to find a specific contact among the many participants.”

The latest version of WhatsApp on iOS is currently available to download from the App Store. iPhone users are advised to update the software installed on their devices so that they can start using these shortcuts.

In related news, it seems that WhatsApp will soon make it possible for users to exchange photos with other contacts while maintaining the original quality of the photos. At the moment, the images that are received through WhatsApp are compressed, which makes the photos look blurry. However, WaBetaInfo claims that the company is working on a solution that would allow users to submit photos in their original quality. WaBetaInfo is a website that monitors upcoming WhatsApp features and provides information about those features.

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The functionality was identified by the platform in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android version According to the source, the messaging app intends to add a new icon to configure the settings at the top of the drawing tool. Users will be able to set image quality, including the quality of their original images, using the new icon. They will have more control over the overall image quality as a result of this.

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