WhatsApp introduces new status features: everything you need to know

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WhatsApp New Status Features

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The status feature in WhatsApp has received a number of ‘cool’ improvements recently, including the ability for users to record and post voice messages to their status, as well as other enhancements.

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“We’ve introduced some intriguing new enhancements to the status feature and we’re excited to share them with you. “Tell it like it is, your way, with voice status,” WhatsApp tweeted on Wednesday. “Tell it like it is, your way.”

We’ve added some exciting updates 🆕 to the status feature.

We’ve added some exciting updates 🆕 to the status feature.

Tell him how he is, in your own way, with voice status. Now you can effortlessly record and share voice messages about your status. pic.twitter.com/MTdOjz4KlT

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) February 7, 2023

Voice status allows you to share your opinion on how things are currently. Now you can easily record voice messages and post them as part of your status updates.

Record Voice Status: It’s easy to record and distribute voice messages such as shouting, joyful choruses, and laughter. Other types of voice messages are also possible.

Status Reactions – A simple tap is all a user needs to let their loved ones know exactly how they feel while using Quick Replies.

Link display to make it easier: Any link posted in your status will be easier to examine thanks to link previews.

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Quick Status Display: As a result of this change, “rings” will now be displayed around a user’s profile photo in the chat list. These “rings” will be green on Android and blue on iOS. The ring will tell a contract to click on the profile photo to see the current status more quickly.

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