WhatsApp launches new search function in the settings section

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WhatsApp Launch New Search Function

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We are aware that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, so it is constantly coming up with new features to improve the user experience. Today we have an innovation that will save time and simplify the lives of many people. What’s the latest? As it turns out, WhatsApp has just released a feature that allows you to filter options using a search tool in settings, which is currently available to beta testers.

According to WABetaInfo, both the WhatsApp for iOS beta update and the most recent WhatsApp for Android beta update available on the Google Play Store include a new feature available to some beta testers: “the ability to filter app settings.” using the search bar. This feature will make it much easier to locate a particular option.

As shown in the screenshot, a search field will appear, in which you will simply enter the name of the desired option to be taken directly to it.

WhatsApp also works on a message search filter

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp for iOS beta update has been released. WhatsApp was developing a new feature: the ability to search for messages by date. This is a feature that many have anticipated as it will make it easier for users to navigate to a specific date within a conversation.

This feature was in development in 2020, but was recently redeveloped by the social media company. Due to the latest WhatsApp iOS beta update for the TestFlight app, some beta testers are now able to use this feature in their conversations and groups after a long wait.

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As seen in the screenshot below from WABetaInfo, to use the search feature in a conversation, a calendar icon must be present. When this icon appears when you select the search button, it indicates that the function has been enabled for your WhatsApp account. If the calendar indicator doesn’t appear, don’t panic; it will be available to more users in the future, and at the end of this article, we will explain how to get it sooner.

WhatsApp search function

This feature will allow you to quickly navigate to a specific date to view the messages shared within a particular conversation. Not only that, but you can also skip to the first message, so you won’t have to scroll endlessly to locate the desired message.

Finally, it’s important to note that this new feature, which allows users to search for communications by date, has been made available to beta testers who installed the most recent beta update of the TestFlight app and will roll out to more users in the coming weeks. weeks. Eventually, it will be available to everyone, but for now, you can either wait or move to WhatsApp beta.

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