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According to a source, Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will give users the ability to pin messages both within chats and within groups.

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According to a report by WABetaInfo, the soon-rumored feature will allow WhatsApp users to pin or flag essential messages to the top of the chat from individual chats or within group chats.

Once the feature has been implemented, users will be able to pin messages. In case the recipient is still using an older version of the app, WhatsApp will insert a message in the chat to suggest that they upgrade to the latest version of the app by visiting the app store.

Since users will be able to quickly access their most important discussions thanks to these pinned messages, organized group chats will improve as a result of this enhancement. The functionality to pin messages within chats and groups is believed to be currently being worked on at this time.

According to a rumor, the instant messaging network intends to work on a new feature that will help Android users make phone calls more easily. This is an interesting development. Due to this functionality, users will be able to make phone calls directly from the app.

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The rumored upcoming feature is claimed to give users the ability to quickly access their contact list and make calls without ever having to open the app. Users can set their own shortcuts for frequently dialed contacts using this feature. This made it possible for consumers to make calls quickly. The instant messaging program is intended to make making phone calls as simple as sending messages in the near future.

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According to a report by WABetaInfo, the call shortcut feature that is bundled with the program has the potential to simplify calls for users by requiring them to simply tap on the contact cell within the contact list. Furthermore, the source claims that once the future new feature is established, it will be instantly added to the home screen of the device.

Meanwhile, the instant messaging platform reported that it had blocked 36.77 lakh accounts in India during the month of November. This number is slightly lower than the number of accounts you had blocked the previous month.

There are 13.89 lakh WhatsApp accounts that were banned before being reported by other users. These accounts are included in the list of banned WhatsApp accounts in India. 37.16 lakh WhatsApp accounts were terminated in the country during the month of December, including 9.9 lakh accounts that were voluntarily terminated.

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