Where are B’dour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher now? Ammar Al-Yasari Murder Case Update

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Where are B'dour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher now?  Ammar Al-Yasari Murder Case Update

Ammar Al Yasari murder case making headlines. People are curious to know more about the Ammar Al Yasari murder case. You will get complete details about the assassination of Ammar Al Yasari in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Where are B’dour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher now?

Ammar Al YAsari was 35 years old and was assassinated in his Michigan home. The incident took place in February 2019. A proper investigation is being carried out at that time. It also included interrogation sessions and video interviews. Let’s discuss more about the case. Ammar Al Yasari grew up in Karbala, Iraq, along with his sister, Zahara Al Yasari. He is useful in nature. He was very interested in studying. He was often seen in the library and on his computer. He wants to go to the United States and explore better opportunities. He had the opportunity to study agricultural economics at Michigan State University in 2008. His friend, Mary Gebbia, told him that her friend got a scholarship from the Iraqi government. The condition with which he got the scholarship was that he would return after graduation and share his knowledge for the development of the country. Mary also says that he was talkative, interactive and active.

B'dour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher

She married BDour Al YAsari. Her father told her about the girl. They were married in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were married on June 13, 2009. It was February 4, 2019 when B Dour found her husband lying unconscious on the ground. It was 20:05. She smelled like bleach and the floor was covered in blood. She had marks on her face, neck, and head. According to sources, he was hit 24 times with an axe. There were also blood stains on the walls. Who killed Ammar Al Yasari?

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B'dour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher

Who was behind the murder of Ammar Al Yasari?

Bdour arrived home at 7:50 pm along with the children. According to her, her husband was lying on the ground. She entered through the front door that was open. She found her husband lying on the ground and was unconscious. She tried to talk to him but he doesn’t answer. She was afraid and worried about her children because she thought someone was inside the house. Bdour and Jacob are revealed to have been responsible for the murder. This was all about the Ammar Al Yasari murder case. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more information.

B'dour Al-Yasari and Jacob FicherB'dour Al-Yasari and Jacob Ficher

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