Where is Skip Bayless going after leaving ESPN? New job and salary

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Who doesn’t want success in their life? Everyone wants to earn more and be successful in their career and for that they do various things. Sometimes a person even quits their job to get better opportunities in their lives. Most of the time, newscasters and reporters stay in the news and often we hear that this person has left this job to get a job somewhere else. And within this year, we hear a lot of this type of news that shows the departure of the driver or news readers that take a major turn in their lives to find new opportunities.

Where is Skip Bayless going after leaving ESPN?

The name of one such host appears in the news after his fans learned of his departure from their station. Several people are speculating and wondering where Skip Bayless will go. Yes, you are reading that right, the famous sportscaster and television personality is set to leave ESPN and now his fans want to know the reason for his resignation. Some are interested to know about his new job and salary. He has been a familiar face in the sports media industry for several years. Over the years, he has made a name for himself with his controversial opinions and lively debates.

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According to various reports, after spending a significant portion of his career on ESPN, he made headlines when he left the network. Critics and fans of him are eager to know about his next move. However, he left the station in 2016 but many people still remember him as the commentator for ESPN. After leaving this channel, he started working at Fox Sports, which is one of the major sports broadcasting networks. In September 2016, he teamed up with former National Football League player Shannon Sharpe to launch a new show titled “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.”

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This show airs on Fox Sports 1. This show marked a new chapter in his career as he transitioned from his longtime role at ESPN to the new platform that brings him new opportunities. This show followed a similar format to previous Bayless shows and featured passionate debates and discussions on many sports topics. This show provides a stage for Sharpe and Bayless to express or display their opinions, involved lively exchanges and provide analysis on the latest and trending sporting events and headlines. The chemistry between Sharpe and Bayless became a big part of watching and people love to see them together. Now talking about his earnings, in the month of March 2021, it is known that he signed a 4-year contract with Fox Sports worth $32 million.

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