Where is Susanna Griso going after leaving Espejo Público? new job salary

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Where is Susanna Griso going after leaving Espejo Público?  new job salary

Recently Despite the protests of his staff, there is disagreement over rumors that former King Juan Carlos I will unquestionably return to Spain if Nez Feijóo wins the elections. and the general population is using the Internet to find out more about these rumors. On this page, we have included facts about the persistent rumors surrounding the late King Juan Carlos I. To learn more about the persistent rumors, keep reading the article.

Who is Susana Griso?

During the Espejo Público broadcast, Susanna Griso was called by people close to the King of Spain to deny the reports that she would return to Spain. “An emphatic denial. Sussana has expressly said that in no case is she contemplating establishing her residence in Spain. All the rumors that have been circulating for days about the definitive return of the emeritus king after the 23J elections have been denied live by Susanna Griso. On Thursday, the presenter received a call from a close friend of King Juan Carlos I as she and her colleagues discussed the possibility of the king returning to Spain.

Susana Griso Public Mirror

Susanna Griso interrupted the conversation when she was leaving the set to take a call. “I let them talk and confirm with the environment what we’re talking about right now,” she said. This Thursday, certain publications, including “El Pas”, included the news that the emeritus planned to move back to Spain in the event that Nez Feijóo won the general elections. However, the so-called Susanna Griso managed to deny that information. The presenter of the program ended the phone call by saying: “A resounding denial by the emeritus king’s entourage”, before sitting down again. Under no circumstances would he consider repairing his house in Spain, she said.

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Susana Griso Public Mirror

According to Susanna Griso’s sources, Juan Carlos I will come after the elections to participate in the Sanxenxo regattas, as planned, but they completely deny the claims of ‘El Pas’, he explained. Although they do not contemplate sentencing, the presenter stated that the emeritus’ entourage “has already informed the lawyer so that he can speak with all the organizations to carry out this resounding denial.” The subject of the return of Don Juan Carlos to Spain has arisen on several occasions since he moved to Abu Dhabi, always in the midst of debates and conflicts. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Remember to check the website frequently for the latest local and international news.

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