Who Is Alan Ecock? Banker-Barman Wins €25000 in Unfair Dismissal Case

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Alan Ecock

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Who Is Alan Ecock?

After working as a “puller” at a Dublin pub for almost 30 years, a banking professional was fired by the family he had started work for in the 1980s, and for that “heartless” and “completely unlawful” manner, he was paid €25,000. The employee, Alan Ecock, said that even though he began a job in banking in 1994, he continued to work at Kavanagh’s on Aughrim Street in Dublin 7 because he was trying to support his mother following the death of his father.

Alan Ecock

In October of this year, he informed the tribunal that he worked for AIB for 28 years during the day and as a part-time barman at night before being fired in April for ‘cost-cutting’ measures. He claimed that none of his bank colleagues were aware of his second job. As the eldest kid of two, he explained, “I took the job and gave it everything I had to make sure my mum had stability in her later years.” When he accepted a full-time contract with AIB in 1994, he continued to work the same hours; he only reduced them to two evenings a week after getting married in 2013, he claimed.

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He stated, “I was attempting to make as much money as I could to guarantee I had as much money later in life.” According to information provided to the WRC, Noel Peacock Sr. and his wife Rose Peacock, the original proprietors of the pub, were compelled to leave the business as part of a remortgaging agreement with Bank of Ireland, giving their four adult children ownership of the hospitality firm they founded. All of Mr Ecock’s concerns were rejected by Pundit Ltd., a subsidiary of N & Peacock Ltd., the pub operating firm. It claimed that Mr. Ecock had requested that Mrs Peacock reduce his tax credits because he was not allowed to hold a second PAYE employment when he joined AIB.

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