Who is Alex Cooper? Call Her Daddy Podcast – The World’s #1 Female Podcaster Opens!

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Who is Alex Cooper?  Call Her Daddy Podcast - The World's #1 Female Podcaster Opens!

There are thousands of ways to entertain yourself. Some like to watch movies, some like to watch web series, and some love to listen to music. But now, a new interest has been added to it where people spend their time listening to podcasts. Due to that, many famous personalities are currently entertaining the audience with their podcast show. Alex Cooper is one of those podcasters who currently works on her famous podcast called “Call Her Daddy”. Alex is particularly famous for her bold and unfiltered approach to relationships and sex.

Alex Cooper calls his dad

Since its launch in the year 2018, the show has gained a huge following and become a cultural phenomenon with its different and unique mix of humor and candid discussions about all things sex. Now many people want to know about the podcast along with other details including the podcaster information. As we already mentioned, Alex Cooper is broadcasting this podcast. She is a famous podcast host as well as a writer. She rose to fame after hosting her podcast show.

This podcaster was born on August 21, 1994 in Newtown, Pennsylvania. He completed his education in sports journalism at Boston University. Prior to hosting his podcast, Cooper served as a sales representative for the sports media firm. In 2018, Cooper and her friend Sofia Franklyn hosted Call Her Daddy. It didn’t take long for this show to become a hit with listeners. Most young adults are used to listening to your podcast. In 2020, her friend parted ways with the show, and Cooper has hosted the show on her own ever since.

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Alex Cooper calls his dad

While Franklyn hosted her podcast, “Sofia With An F.” Despite the drama, the podcast has continued to grow his band and he has become a famous figure in the podcasting community. Like we said, this show is particularly famous for its candid discussions about dating, sex, and relationships. Cooper often shares personal stories and even offers listeners advice on how to navigate the different aspects of his love life. Other than that, he has interviewed several celebrity guests on the show, including Tana Mongeau and Miley Cyrus.

In addition to podcasts, she has also hosted her Youtube channel, which she uses to share behind-the-scenes footage of her life and discusses a variety of topics including mental health, beauty, and fashion. People love listening to your podcast and they never missed any episode of this show. As of now, we are sharing many details of this topic, but we will be back soon with more exciting topics.

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