Who is Alyssa Pladl? Katie Pladl mother family and father daughter marriage case

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Alyssa Pladl

Alyssa Pladl is the mother of a daughter, Katie Pladl. What happened to her? You will get complete details about Katie Pladl in this article. Continue reading for more information.

Who is Alyssa Pladl?

Alyssa Pladl is the mother of Katie Pladl. Her daughter was murdered and mistreated by her ex-husband. Alyssa Gracia was 15 years old when she met her love. On the other hand, her boyfriend was 20 years old. They both started dating, after which she became pregnant. The couple gave birth to a girl. Her boyfriend was aggressive and violent with her daughter.

He used to pinch her until her body turned black and blue. Alyssa and Steven were together for a period of time. After some time, they also got married. The girl was called Denise. She decided to give her up for adoption when she was 8 months old. She doesn’t feel that the child will have a good life with her parents. She was adopted by the Foster family. They treat her like her own daughter and are happy for her because of her parents.

Alyssa Pladl

When Denise was given up for adoption, her name changed to Katie Fusco. She was adopted and moved to Dutchess Country, New Country, New York. She was a very young and talented girl. She dreamed of working and learning digital advertising after completing her graduation.

He turned 18 in January 2016. He was curious to know more about his parents. Who are her biological parents? After searching, she found out about her parents, Alyssa and Steven. She sent a message to her parents. She was quite happy to meet her biological parents. She was going to attend college but decided to move in with her birth parents.

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Alyssa Pladl

Well, the couple was already going through some problems. When Katie arrived, the condition worsened. Although her mother told her about the abuse her father used to do to her, she did not agree. Steven Pladl was Katie’s father. Later, they found out that Steven has been in a relationship with Katie.

The father and daughter were in love and married two months after he divorced his mother. His parents attended the wedding and supported his adopted daughter. This was all about the case. We will update you as soon as we know more about the case. Stay tuned for more information on our website about your favorite celebrities.

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