Who is Anjali Arora’s boyfriend Akash Sansanwal? MMS Leaked Viral Video

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Who is Anjali Arora's boyfriend Akash Sansanwal?  MMS Leaked Viral Video

TikTok has brought fame to many common people who have now become social media stars overnight. Some of them even got a chance to appear on TV shows and work with many popular celebrities and are now credited with the word actor. However, some of them do not leave any chance to stay in the controversy and people often look for them. Anjali Arora is one such social media star who recently appeared on a reality show that aired on an OTT platform. Recently, the controversial video of her went viral on social media platforms with people sharing her leaked MMS with each other.

Who is Anjali Arora’s boyfriend Akash Sansanwal?

Although this incident happened a few months ago, this controversy still remains in the news and people are looking to know about her boyfriend. There are many rumors that she is currently dating Akash Sansanwal and that both of them are deeply in love with each other. Anjali became famous across India after a dance video of her went viral in a viral song titled “Kacha Baadam”. Since she became popular for her dance to that song, Arora is also labeled as Kacha Baadam Girl. In addition to her Tiktok fame, as we said, she became popular after appearing on the reality show “Lock Up” hosted by Kangana Ranaut.

Akash Sansanwal, Anjali Arora's boyfriend

Who is Akash Sansanwal?

Reports indicate that Anjali Arora is allegedly in a relationship with her boyfriend, Akash Sansanwal. It is not known when this couple started dating, but some social media posts show that their love life is going well. In the month of May 2022, Arora gave an interview to the media channel, where she talked about her boyfriend. She was once seen with Akash at the Mumbai airport, which caught the attention of several people. She also accepted that Akash is a supportive and wonderful companion who respects her greatly. She further added that they had both spent time with each other’s family members.

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Akash Sansanwal, Anjali Arora's boyfriend

Meanwhile, Arora doesn’t post photos of her boyfriend on her social media platforms, but Akash regularly shares photos with his girlfriend on Instagram, where he is registered as @akash.sansanwal. After viewing Akash’s Instagram posts, we can see the couple going shopping and on various trips. So, we can state that they are still dating and doing well in life. Other than that, she was once involved in the controversy as her alleged MMS went viral on social media, mainly on Twitter. In the month of August 2022, a s*x video went viral on social media where social media users claimed that the woman depicted in the video is Anjali Arora.

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