Who is George Akuffo Dampare? Another senior police officer involved

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Who is George Akuffo Dampare?  Another senior police officer involved

This article will discuss an alleged plan to oust George Akuffo-Dampare, the Inspector General of Police, before Ghana’s 2024 general election comes to light. According to a new revelation from GhanaWeb, there are undercover audio and video tapes that show senior police officers working with a member of the country’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). Mounting evidence raises questions about the reliability of the Ghana Police Service in taking a disturbing look at the targets of these individuals. On July 11, 2023, GhanaWeb published a story revealing a 50-minute audio recording revealing a covert meeting between high-ranking police officers and a PNP member identified only as Alhaji.

Who is George Akuffo Dampare?

The tape described his strategy to remove Dr. Dampare as Inspector General of Police. Although this revelation alone shocked the entire country, additional incriminating evidence subsequently came to light, revealing the full scope of the alleged scheme. In addition to the audiotape, more video evidence has surfaced, providing more insight into the workings of the alleged conspiracy. In one of the tapes, Police Superintendent Asare vigorously promotes the group’s mission as he converses with a senior PNP member. Asare makes a series of accusations in an effort to undermine the current IGP, implying that Dr. Dampare is prejudiced towards the nuclear power plant.

Asare’s insult, because he was born bad by nature, reportedly illustrates the level of hostility in the alleged plan. Information regarding a plan to remove the Inspector General of Police raises serious questions about the reliability and objectivity of law enforcement in Ghana. The police are essential in enforcing the rules of justice, preserving law and order and safeguarding the public. Therefore, any attempt to overthrow the government or manipulate the system for personal gain betrays the people and jeopardizes the foundations of democracy.

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A thorough investigation must be carried out to confirm the validity of the evidence and hold those responsible accountable for their actions in light of these serious allegations. The Ghana Police Service must act immediately to show that it is dedicated to openness and integrity. It is essential to ensure that the institution fulfills its responsibility to protect and serve Ghanaians in an impartial manner while being independent and unaffected by political meddling. The police force must fight for openness, accountability and upholding its dedication to serve and safeguard the people of Ghana. For more exciting news, keep reading PKB News.

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