Who is Jackline Muse? 47-year-old woman arrested for crushing her ex-boyfriend

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Who is Jackline Muse?  47-year-old woman arrested for crushing her ex-boyfriend

Love is the most beautiful emotion or feeling but when it becomes an obsession it can be dangerous. There are many cases available to read that show how sometimes the overflow of love emotions can be dangerous and take a person’s life. We return with one of those horrible cases in which a woman has murdered her old boyfriend. According to the latest report, Jackline Musa was arrested for murdering her ex-boyfriend with the car. Now this news is garnering a lot of attention and people are looking for information about this horrible news.

jackline muse arrested

The suspect is identified as Jackline Musa, a native of Sydney. This 47-year-old woman was found guilty of murder by the court jury. Reports indicate that she was given a maximum sentence of 2 decades in prison, along with a non-parole period of 14 years. This horrible news has shocked people, and the CCTV video has gained a lot of attention and has now gone viral on social media platforms and is easily available for viewing. Social media users share this video with each other and are shocked after learning the truth.

The suspect grew up in a village in Sudan and did not have the best childhood in “poverty situations” with no running water facilities. She was recently accused of arranging the murder of her boyfriend with the use of her car. According to sources, she squashed him against the wall. This incident occurred 3 years ago and she was arrested on June 27, 2020. In addition to this, Ella Musa appears before the NSW Supreme Court on Monday afternoon to hear the outcome of her crime.

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jackline muse arrested

The media sources revealed that she was detained for a maximum of 20 years, and the suspect has been in prison since the murder, likewise, he will be on parole in June 2034. Similarly, Musa she was outed as the prime suspect in the murder in December after she ran over her ex-partner with the use of her car. The victim was identified as 31-year-old Payman “Paul” Thagipur. The court further added that the suspect suffered from anxiety and depression caused by her miserable childhood and that she also faced poverty and war in Sudan while she was growing up.

All these circumstances have seriously affected his mind. After that, she gets hurt by her ex-boyfriend’s cheating and in her anger and frustration she kills him. Her crime has been captured on video that is now going viral on social media and works as the main evidence against her.

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