Who is John Tory’s wife, Barbara Hackett? Who is he married to? Details about John Tory’s marriage

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Who is John Tory's wife, Barbara Hackett?  Who is he married to?  Details about John Tory's marriage

Toronto Mayor John Tory has decided to step down as mayor. The reason for his resignation is the affair he had with his former staff member.

He said that he was in a relationship with a girl who doesn’t support his character as a family member or as a mayor.

People are eager to know more about John Tory’s wife and personal life. Read on to find out more details about him.

Who is Barbara Hackett?

Barbara Hackett is married to John Tory. She is forty five years old. They gave birth to four children. Her relationship with John Tory began when he was spending more time away from his wife.

He said that during the pandemic he was working for his responsibility and could not return home. She said that both ended the relationship a year ago.

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He said he needs some time to rebuild himself. He quit because he wanted to work on his mistakes. He has requested personal space so he can be close to his family again.

He has apologized to the citizens, the people and especially his wife. He reported the situation to the commissioner. He states that he will work with the deputy mayor, the secretary and the manager to review everything.

He is grateful to the residents of Toronto. She was 31 years old and was hired as a consultant. Let us have more details about her parents and her family history.

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More details about John Tory’s family and early childhood:

John Tory was born on May 28, 1954. Elizabeth Bacon and John A. Tory gave birth to John Tory. His grandfather was a lawyer.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory's cheating scandal explained

His family is trained in law. Her father was a Canadian lawyer. They are three brothers. He was the eldest among them. The younger brothers are known by the names of Jeffery and Michael.

They also have a younger sister, Jennifer. He met his wife while studying at his university. They started talking among themselves. After dating for two years, they got married in 1978.

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The relationship began 44 years ago. She mentions that John was a redhead when he was in college. While John adds that she was the first girl to propose to him.

They went on their first date in the big pub. Later, they went to the royal Alexandra theater to see a movie. They celebrate their marriage anniversary on May 27, 1978.

The couple spent a good time together. She still hasn’t mentioned anything about John’s affair.

Toronto Mayor John Tory's cheating scandal explained

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