Who is Khadija Shah? suspected suspect in Jinnah House attack

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Khadija Shah

Suddenly, the Pakistani public started searching the web to find out who Khadija Shah is. They can’t control their excitement after coming across a tweet shared by Khadija Shah. Khadija Shah posted a tweet in support of Imran Khan, but also criticized the people of Pakistan for wasting time registering protests across the country. Furthermore, Khadija Shah also shared her thoughts that Pakistani people used to slack off and waste time, so they are required to push themselves to be more productive and effective. This post by Khadija Shahc left people in a frenzy to search for who Khadija Shah is. This article will let you know all the imperative details associated with the attack on House Jinnah and Khadija Shah. So stay true to this page and keep reading this article.

Who is Khadija Shah?

Before we start talking about Khadija Shah, let’s discuss the attack on Jinnah’s house. The main defendant in the attack on Jinnah’s home is reportedly the daughter of former finance adviser Salman Shan, Khadija Shah. Yes, you heard right, Khadija Shah is the main defendant in the attack on Jinnah’s house. Scroll down the page and learn more about her.

Khadija Shah is affectionately famous as the daughter of Salman Shah, but she has also created her own image. She is the creative director and founder of Elan, a leading luxury brand in Pakistan. Khadija Shah is ready to introduce and present a brand that focuses on providing unique, unparalleled and affordable fashion for women. The brand is called Zaha. Khadija Shah is acclaimed for her designs. She has made her reputation worldwide by constantly expanding her label. However, Khadija Shah has also won an award for bridal wear, impeccable luxury wear, coveted couture, ready-to-wear, seamless seasonal collections, and some leather accessories. Scroll down the page and read more about it.

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Khadija Shah has great knowledge of the local market and is attentive to international fashion. Furthermore, Khadija Shah is trying to revolutionize fashion in her country with his aesthetic and sharp vision for business. Speaking of his cryptic tweet, he wrote: “I stand in solidarity with Imran Khan but dare not support an hour wasted by a nation already aimlessly hanging back to register a protest. A nation that is already used to loitering and wasting time needs to be galvanized to become productive and effective!”

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