Who is Mate Stipinovich? Arrested by Australian Federal Police for alleged importation of cocaine

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Who is Mate Stipinovich?  Arrested by Australian Federal Police for alleged importation of cocaine

The Australian Federal Police recently reported that MPs arrested Mate Stipinovich. Mate Stipinovich’s arrest was made for a massive cocaine stash that ended up in a sleepy Australian seaside town. Furthermore, it was alleged that gigantic cocaine was found hidden under a backyard spa in South Western Australia, Perth. Since this news broke, he is taking over the internet and trending everywhere. Meanwhile, netizens are eager to learn about this story in detail. However, we have discussed every imperative aspect of this news. So, keep sticking to this page and you need to go through the next sections given below this section. Scroll down the page.

Mate Stipinovich (left) Aristides Avlontis (center) and Karl Whitburn. (Image credit: AFP)

Who is Mate Stipinovich?

He was hiding under a spa in Perth when the police arrested him last night. However, Mate Stipinovich was not the only person arrested last night, the AFP also confirmed the arrest of two more people, Karl Whitburn and Aristides Avlonitis, aged 45 and 36 respectively. Speaking of Mate Stipinovich, he is 49 years old. What are the charges against Mate Stipinovich and the other two detainees? Scroll down the page and read more details about it.

Comrade Stipinovich(Image credit: AFP)

Australian Federal Police reportedly found Mate Stipinovich with a loaded gun which was found in her bag and also placed in a secret section below the spa in Byford. Reportedly, Mate Stipinovich was arrested for alleged cocaine smuggling into WA this year. Mate Stipinovich is accused of allegedly importing 365 kg of cocaine into Australia. How did the police arrest them? AFP has reportedly been on their tail since February 1, 2023, when their boat capsized in dangerous waters near Eclipsed Island. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Comrade Stipinovich(Image credit: AFP)

The three suspects got into trouble after their boat capsized 17km south of Albany in southern WA near Eclipse Island but managed to escape at that point. They were allegedly fishing and activated their EPIRB during the emergency. In fact, AMSA praised the men for having lifesaving teams at the time. But after a few days there was a plot twist when a small plastic-wrapped package washed up on the beach in the WA resort town. Meanwhile, police found another 8 similar plastic bags containing 40kg of cocaine from an overturned boat in another resort town. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

Comrade Stipinovich(Image credit: AFP)

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