Who is Meng Foon’s wife? Meet Chris Hipkins insists on family and children

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Who is Meng Foon's wife?  Meet Chris Hipkins insists on family and children

Today we are going to talk about Meng Foon. A New Zealand politician named Meng Foon presided over Gisborne as mayor from 2001 to 2019. From August 2019 to June 2023, he was New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner. He resigned after failing to disclose payments totaling $2 million. He got temporary accommodation since he was a director of an investment firm. He is one of a select group of New Zealand mayors who are of Chinese descent. He speaks Maori, Cantonese and English effortlessly. He was the only New Zealand mayor who spoke Maori well when he left office. He is a 64 year old man. He was born in 1959 in Gisborne, North Island of New Zealand. His father is Liu Sui Kai (George) from Guangzhou and his mother is Ng Heng Kiu (Helen) from Hong Kong. Foon’s parents were gardeners who owned a greengrocer in Gisborne. Foon also has a brother.

Who is Meng Foon’s wife?

Foon married his wife Ying, who was 20 when he was 21. The couple have a son and two daughters. Foon studied Maori culture at the Makaraka School, where he also practiced the haka war dance and learned about flax. Foon later attended both Gisborne Boys’ High School and Gisborne High School. At Gisborne Boys’ High School, Foon took classes in English, social studies, science, physical education, and Maori. Foon was also involved in high school rugby union. Foon dropped out of high school in the sixth grade to work for his family’s landscaping business.

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Foon added additional outlets to his family’s garden business. Foon and his family also bought the Kaiti Mall in Gisborne in the 1960s, and TAB, a liquor store, was established there. After retiring in 1985, Foon’s parents first moved to Sydney, Australia, and then to Hong Kong. Later, Meng, his siblings and his spouse took over the family business. 2018 saw the sale of Kaiti Mall by Foon and his family. The land and structures at Kaiti Mall were worth NZ$3.8 million at the time. Kaiti Mall has 12 tenants as of 2018, including commercial, government, and corporate tenants. Due to the efforts of two researchers, Foon served as the Patutahi Taruheru Ward Councilor of the Gisborne Ward Council in 1995. At that time, Councilor Owen Pinching made retirement plans. After winning the 1995 local elections, Foon was chosen to represent the Taruheru District of Patutahi.


Foon ran unsuccessfully for the position of Mayor of Gisborne in 1998. Foon ran again for the position of Mayor of Gisborne in 2001 and was elected. He emphasized his family values, business acumen, Mori language proficiency and money management skills throughout his mayoral bid. Since Harry Barker’s retirement in 1977, he was the first Mayor of Gisborne to serve five consecutive terms. So this was all about this case. He therefore, stay tuned for PKB news.

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