Who is Nthateng Lerata? Meeting with Edwin Sodi’s wife

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Edwin Sodi wife Nthateng Lerata

Recently, news and rumors are spreading about the relationship of Nthateng Lerate and Edwin Sodi. The rumors about them seem to be endless when it comes to their relationship. The public loved the contentious drama that they had in their marriage. Everyone seems to be so curious about this matter that everyone is surfing the internet and searching about them and new life updates about them. The public checks every update and life fact about them to know more about their life and they are doing it for both of them.

Who is Nthateng Lerata?

Nthateng and Edwin were undoubtedly South Africa’s most popular power couple in their time, as seen in photos of Nthateng Lerata’s early marriage. They have been recognized as industry leaders in their respective fields. Unfortunately, what seemed like a match made in heaven has turned out to be their downfall. They can no longer agree on anything; all that is left of them is a divorce settlement. Edwin married his first wife, whose name has not been released, in 2000 and became a father. The wife had a son in 2003, but the couple broke up a year later. This would be the first of Edwin’s many divorces and separations.

Edwin Sodi wife Nthateng LerataEdwin Sodi wife Nthateng Lerata

Edwin Sodi wife Nthateng Lerata

Nthateng Lerata is a South African television and radio host. She is a private person who has not revealed any details about her family history. Similarly, Nthateng Lerata’s schooling is unknown, but she must have had a good education to work in the media. Edwin Sodi’s estranged wife is a media celebrity. She used to work at Capricorn FM as a moderator, however, she left the station in 2009. She had to give up her promising media career due to family obligations. Khensani Nyango, who previously worked at the Phalaborwa community radio station, took over from her.

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Edwin Sodi wife Nthateng Lerata

Nthateng and Edwin met in 2005 for the first time. They lost contact until late 2011 when they met again and rekindled their love. The couple made their union official in 2012. They exchanged their vows in a traditional marriage ceremony that was an invitation-only event. The attendees were family and close friends. Their union was blessed with a daughter. Edwin is a famous South African businessman, politician and public figure who hails from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Blackhead Consulting. He is a member of the ruling ANC party and has won several government contracts. Nthateng was a successful media personality before her high-profile marriage to Edwin. However, since her net worth has never been revealed, it’s hard to estimate how wealthy she is.

Edwin Sodi wife Nthateng Lerata

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