Who is Pastor Jerónimo Fernando? Under the CID radar, investigate the big bucks behind your church

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Pastor Jerome Fernando

A wide-ranging criminal investigation into Pastor Jerome Fernando, now at the center of controversy, will look at his finances and how large sums of money came to maintain his sprawling Katunayake church complex, which authorities confirm is unregistered. Read the article to learn more and follow us to get all the ideas.

Who is Pastor Jerónimo Fernando?

It’s the wrong time, Mr. Pastor. The world is excited about the unbearable and shocking story from a few days ago from Kenya. There, in the far east, vast massacres have been unearthed in the village of Shakahola, where the “faithful” have been under the merciless clutches of a taxi driver turned evangelist who has persuaded unbelievers to join his religious cult, die of hunger. and see Jesus! It is beyond normal human comprehension why thousands were freaked out or joined him. Graves are being discovered daily, like scratches in the red earth, of these foolish innocents who listened to the Pastor.

The pastor’s recent allegedly disparaging comments regarding various religions have been widely condemned, with some even calling for his arrest. Registration is not required and the church has not broken the law by not registering “Miracle Dome” with his ministry, the minister said. However, the issue has prompted Buddhasasana Ministry to take action. There are places of worship of all religions in the country that are not registered, Wickramanayaka said. The minister is now preparing to present a cabinet paper proposing to make it a legal requirement for all religious centers and places of religious worship to register with the authorities. He stated that the measure is aimed at protecting followers of religions, clergy, and centers and places of worship.

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The radical truth about faith being a form of knowledge or truth is that it is quite the opposite. Faith represents an abandonment of the human need to find the truth. The normal process of investigating the truth of any proposition is to prove it with material evidence. A hypothesis is established and we look for clues that can corroborate it. If we don’t have clues or we have insufficient clues, we abandon that hypothesis or modify it or abandon it entirely, depending on the circumstances. Even if clues are available, we only accept theories tentatively and only on the condition that we keep our minds open to change our theory in the event of subsequent findings of new evidence.

The sources said the pastor was also flying to Malaysia from Singapore. Photos uploaded to Instagram on Friday night showed the pastor leading a prayer meeting in Malaysia. Although an announcement posted Wednesday on his social media pages urged followers to expect a “special broadcast” from Pastor Fernando, no such broadcast took place. PKB News attempted to contact Pastor Fernando’s Glorious Church for comment. The operator who answered the call on the church’s “Faith Line” said the details will be passed on to the pastor’s office and if they are interested in responding, they will contact us. However, no response had been received at the time of publication of this issue.

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