Who Is Saanvi Malu? Vikas Malu Kuber Group Accident, Injured In Rolls-Royce Crash

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Saanvi Malu Vikas Malu Kuber Group Accident

In recent news, it was reported that Kuber Group director, Vikas Malu had been injured in a Rolls Royce Crash. You are required to read the article for more details about the tragic incident. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Who Is Saanvi Malu? Vikas Malu Kuber Group Accident

Recently, it was reported that Vikas Malu was among the three occupants of a Rolls-Royce Phantom which rammed into a petrol tanker at a very high extreme speed. According to our relevant sources, it was revealed that Vikas Malu, the Chief Executive and the proprietor of Kuber Group has sustained injuries which were followed by a collision involving a Rolls-Royce in which he was traveling. The incident took place on the Delhi-Mumbai Baroda Expressway this Tuesday, as a Rolls-Royce collided with a petrol-filled tanker. According to his legal representative, RK Thakur, Malu was not in a condition to operate the vehicle at that time. Instead, it was his driver, Tasbir who was behind the wheel.

Saanvi Malu Vikas Malu Kuber Group Accident

Furthermore, it was reported that Thakur intends to reduce the speed on an expressway while driving which eventually carries greater risk. Nonetheless, he also clarified that Malu had not given specific instructions to the driver regarding the speed. Thakur said that Vikas Malu’s physical state is such that driving is beyond his capability and his mobility is compromised which raised questions about his ability to drive. It was Tasbir who was driving the Rolls Royce with a fleet of 7-8 drivers for his service. However, following the accident, Malu was rushed and admitted to the medical hospital in Gurugram. However, his lawyer stated that the entrepreneur was not occupying the driver’s seat at the time of the mishappening.

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Saanvi Malu Vikas Malu Kuber Group Accident

Furthermore, Thakur stated and remarked that currently, he is currently hospitalized due to an injured elbow and a spinal ailment that requires medical attention. In his response to queries about pictures and other details that depicted Malu standing upright, Thakur confirmed that these were from earlier times. Thakur provided the details regarding the incident and a woman known to him and the driver were present in the car at the scene Vikas left home at 10 am and the accident took place at somewhere 11 am. It was reported that the Rolls-Royce car that met with an accident belonged to Vikas Malu. Scroll down to learn more about the accident.

Furthermore, Thakur mentioned that Malu had been conducting and organizing a test drive of the car and the petrol tanker suddenly appeared from either direction and caused it to tumble down in such a manner that the collision occurred before the driver could react or respond. Reportedly, the driver and their assistant lost their lives in the tragic incident and on the investigation, it was reported that the inquiry indicates that responsibility rests with Rolls Royce driver who was a part of a procession which involved 14 vehicles.

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