Who is Samuel Figueroa? Celebration High School coach arrested for sexual misconduct

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Who is Samuel Figueroa?  Celebration High School coach arrested for sexual misconduct

The Osceola County High School coach has been arrested and charged with sexual misconduct against students, especially girls. Read the full report for the full story. An Osceola County High School employee who is an assistant baseball and basketball coach has been in jail since Thursday night. Samuel Figueroa, 43, the coach was arrested over allegations of sexual misconduct with students. County Sheriff Marco Lopez said we are there to protect students, we are not here to victimize them, groom them or do things that fall outside of the school teaching curriculum. Plus, he added, this isn’t the kind of thing we’re supposed to do, even as adult teachers.

Who is Samuel Figueroa?

Lopez says that several teenage girls, ranging in age from 15 to 18, have reported that Samuel allegedly touched them inappropriately or made sexual comments. One of the students claimed that he asked her to send him nude photos. The sheriff says one of the victim’s parents came forward after his son told him what allegedly happened regarding the coach.

Celebration High School coach arrested

He has eroded his power, abused his position, and is a sexual deviant who was lurking in the school. He was arrested Thursday and is charged with sexual misconduct with female students, ages 15 to 18. He is an assistant baseball and basketball coach at Celebration High School in Osceola County. He started his work at this school in 2018. In many cases, he proved his guilt. In one case, he instructed a student to go to the girls’ bathroom and take a photo of her breasts and send these photos to her. Also, he made a lot of vulgar sexual comments. One of the students at the school said that he thought that a coach is a good person, but after all that was discovered, it was all a big shock.

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Celebration High School coach arrested

Celebration High School coach arrested

López described various accusations against him. He said that two different students came up and revealed that he had touched them in a sexually naughty way. The allegations occurred on the property with messages inside and outside the school. A parent at the school showed anger at him and said if that’s the case then that’s horrible to know. The sheriff says that if the complaints were brought to the school and nothing was done, the people will be held accountable.

The school organization says Samuel resigned on Monday, March 27. Investigators say there could be more victims out there and are encouraging them to come forward. The school encourages students to speak with a trusted counselor if the need arises. They were made to believe that our guidance, psychologists, teachers and supporters are available to help each one of them. There are serious complaints. It’s not just one student, there are several students who have stated that the man has been interacting with them inappropriately.

Karma is the wheel of life, what you sow is what you cut. Now, he faces a series of charges including lewd sexual abuse, conduct and touching of minors. The sheriff’s office said there may be more victims and asked to call his office at 4073481100 if anyone gets more information.

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