Who is Shawn Delaney from Hamilton? Police search for inmate “improperly released”

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Who is Shawn Delaney from Hamilton?  Police search for inmate "improperly released"

Mistakes can happen at the hands of anyone. But some mistakes really put the entire administration in trouble and also become national tension. Being in a public service department, be it the police, railway department or any other, it is very important to work carefully as one mistake can put them in big trouble. A similar type of incident has occurred where a prisoner was mistakenly released from prison. Now since people heard this news, they started searching for more information about it and after seeing the chaos, here we are present with the details of the case.

Who is Shawn Delaney from Hamilton?

According to the latest report, police are currently searching for an inmate who they say was “not properly released” from the Hamilton Wentworth detention center. For public assistance, police have released the information of the inmate who is identified as Shawn Delaney, 45 years old. The police are urging the public to share any information regarding this man because they released him by mistake and now they can’t find him anywhere. This man can be dangerous to the public, so if anyone knows anything about him, they better contact the police directly and share the information.

The police also spread the offender’s photo for better assistance. In a press conference, police stated that “an administrative failure or error” resulted in Delaney’s release on Friday, March 3, 2023, before his full sentence was served. The officers further added that they were learning about the error on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. The officers stated that Delaney is aware of the error or error and is “actively evading police.” He jumped at the chance and is currently hiding from the police. The police are currently searching for him and want the public to help them track down the criminal.

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The police have declared Shawn a fugitive felon and want him back in prison as soon as possible. The report states that he was admitted to the jail in Hamilton and, due to the mistake, he was released on bail, but now the police want him back in prison. Obviously, he won’t come alone, which is why police are requesting that anyone who has observed Delaney or has any information on his location notify Hamilton Cops or Crime Stoppers. As of right now, we only have this much detail on this case, but we hope to get more.

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