Who is Stephen Astorga, father of Alexis Ávila’s baby?

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Stephen Astorga

Recently the father of Alexis Ávila’s baby has been in the news. Manu’s people like to know more about him. As the case has progressed, the public has shown great interest in the case. The public is surfing the internet to find out more about the case. Ever since the case came into the spotlight, the public has been closely following the case. They are looking for any new information about the case through the Internet. In this article, you can find all the information and new updates for this case, just follow the article to know more.

Who is Esteban Astorga?

Alexis, a 19-year-old teen mother from New Mexico, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for throwing her newborn baby in a dumpster. However, due to concerns about the defendant’s mental health and young age, the judge suspended two years of the sentence. A jury found the mother guilty of child abuse resulting in grievous bodily harm after her public attorney argued that her actions were unintentional and that an undetected mental health issue played a role. The judge stressed that chance and God’s grace were crucial in preserving the baby’s life, as there was a good chance the baby would have died if he had not been found that day in Hobbs, near the Texas border.

Stephen Astorga

Alexis threw the baby in a dumpster and his father is Stephen Astorga. He issued a statement shortly after the incident in which he stated that he was shocked and horrified by what had occurred and was unaware of Avila’s pregnancy. Avila initially told authorities that he did not know who the baby’s father was, but later reversed his account and stated that the baby’s father was, in fact, Stephen Astorga. The baby’s father, Esteban Astorga, assured that Ávila suffered a miscarriage and that she was no longer pregnant.

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Stephen Astorga

However, the baby, who is now called Saúl, is in the care of the Astorga family, who report that he is well, happy and healthy. The family is dedicated to providing a safe and loving home for the baby and appreciate the help of the community. Oscar Astorga, the grandfather of the newborn baby his teenage mother dumped in a dump in New Mexico, has revealed that the boy’s father is his 17-year-old son. There is no public Wikipedia page for Stephen; he just went public with his family after the tragedy occurred and the mother of his baby was arrested.

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